Fans Raise Money for Malala Fund in Honor of Harry Styles’ Birthday

Last summer, One Direction took part in a global movement called action/2015 by launching action/1D. The boys invited fans to share their vision of a better world and for that vision to be heard by world leaders who were to sign a new global development agenda. The boys shared their own hopes for the future through the videos they made. Louis spoke of child diseases and healthcare, Liam and Niall spoke about poverty, and Harry discussed education.

The Malala Fund, led and inspired by Nobel peace prize recipient Malala Yousafzai which supports girls’ rights to education worldwide, tweeted about Harry’s action/1D video. Harry retweeted and followed the fund right away. This sparked something soon after; a group of fans who felt similarly passionate about this cause launched a fundraiser for the Malala Fund in honor of Harry’s 22nd birthday.

The project started a couple of months ago with the hope of making a difference in as many lives as possible for the sixty million girls struggling to access education worldwide. The effort is called H.E.S for Malala (Twitter: @HESforMalala) and this is among what you can read on their twitter page:

“To mark Harry’s 22nd birthday, we started a fundraiser for the Malala fund; an organization which helps girls whose families cannot afford education or have fled war to live in refugee camps, but also girls who are seen as not even worthy of an education in their communities… Harry wanted to bring our attention to this, so let’s make his birthday an occasion to make a difference about it”

The charity drive has succeeded in drawing a lot of support from One Direction fans. Various non-monetary contributions have allowed the effort to grow such as designs to make items for the project’s charity store, videos, and promotion from One Direction update accounts.

As Harry’s birthday approaches, the girls behind H.E.S for Malala as well as everyone who has contributed to the fundraiser hope to reach the goal set for the fundraiser by Harry’s birthday on February 1st.

As Malala once said, “one child, one teacher, one pen, and one book can change the world.” Your support to this worthy charity drive would certainly help make this a reality for those children without access to pens, teachers, and books.

You can help by donating here:

Or purchase from the fundraiser’s official store which transfers all profits to the Malala Fund:

One Direction fans have achieved incredible things throughout the years and have yet again come together for a great cause – proving how their unity for something they believe in can have an amazing impact on the world.

Written by CelebMix