One Direction Fans’ #ProjectHome has Kicked off with a Bang

If you’ve been keeping up with the One Direction fan base lately, you know this is a very important week for both the boys and their incredible supporters.  This week is Project Home!

We aren’t even a full day into Project Home yet and the support, love, and safety of the song is all over social media – it’s absolutely beautiful.  Project Home began as a way to get the song, Home, written by Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Jamie Scott more recognition.  The song was not released on Made In The AM but was on the Perfect EP and also tweeted about by Louis Tomlinson as he gave fans the first listen to the track and also showed how important it was to him.

One Direction Fans' #ProjectHome has Kicked off with a Bang 2

Home, to many fans, has been a personal anthem that allowed them to feel powerful, brave, and appreciated for who they are.  It is also a track that gave some fans the strength to come out and to say that love is love, and all love should be accepted.  Home is the kind of song that the music industry had been waiting for – and fans are determined to get it to number 1, but more important than that – to show the world exactly how much Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall love their fans.

Made In The AM serves as a love letter from the boys to their teammates, the fans who have supported them through everything, and even though Home wasn’t on the album – the song proves that the boys pay attention to what happens in the lives of their fans and make sure to support them through it.

Project Home is a thank you – and we are already taken back by what fans have done this far, it’s only going to get bigger and better from here.

Check out their Twitter and Tumblr and join the Thunderclap to make sure you keep up with all of the ways you can help Project Home exceed everyone’s expectations!

The hashtag has already trended at #1 with over 502k tweets! Incredible.

From fan art and gifs to posters and videos – the way people are paying homage to Home is beautiful and we want to feature you in our articles this week.  If you take part in #ProjectHome please tweet us and let us know how you’re showing your support!


Written by Ashley

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