One Direction Fans Share Their #1DMemories

Though it feels like just yesterday, One Direction are about to celebrate their six year anniversary. Fans have been celebrating all month long across social media. They’re sharing memories and swapping stories of their favorite times during these past six years. The hashtag #1DMemories trended worldwide as fans highlighted moments that are dear to them. To celebrate with them, and for nostalgia’s sake, we’ve gathered 10 of our favorite #1DMemories.

10. Getting Pranked By Nickelodeon

If you’re unfamiliar, Louis and Zayn helped prank the rest of the boys into thinking their producer for Nickelodeon was going into labor right in front of them. The reactions of Harry, Liam and Niall are absolutely hilarious! A frantic Harry Styles immediately rushes to the woman’s aid, while Liam attempts to phone her husband. Nialler takes a calmer route, choosing to sit back for a bit while the boys handle the bizarre situation. More hilarious, however, is the reaction when they find out they’re being pranked. Check out the video here.

9. This Incredible Fan Project

During the Where We Are Tour, fans filled the stadium with color as they held up the colors of the Italian flag. Liam was so impressed that he snapped a quick picture of the project and uploaded it to Instagram.

8. All Seven Hours of 1D Day

1D Day was all over the place in the absolute best way. It had everything: new music, challenges, and the boys just being their silly selves.

7. Teenage Dirtbag

If you’re looking for the best cover of Teenage Dirtbag, this is us. It. This is it.

6. The ‘Rock Me’ High Note

This high note will forever live on in our hearts.

5. This Is Us

We won’t pretend like we don’t watch this weekly.

4. Carpool Karaoke

Arguably one of the best moments in television history! Have we mentioned how much we love James Corden?

3. The Hug

We were understandably weepy during One Direction’s final tour date. The hugs at the end didn’t help the state of our emotions. Especially this one!

2. The Video Diaries

This is really where it all began. So many iconic moments came out of these diaries.

1. The Hug: Part 2

An extremely bittersweet moment for fans. Everything was seemingly coming full circle. The boys were about to embark on a much needed and necessary break on the stage where it all began.Their final performance of the night was the fan anthem, History. The lyrics of this song are ones that we’re holding onto tight.

This is not the end / This is not the end / We can make it / You know it, you know

One Direction often credit their fans as being the best in the world. Directioners show their loyalty in numerous ways; whether it be by fan art, fan fiction, or fan projects such as the hugely successful No Control Project, their dedication to the group is one of a kind. This passion, combined with the sheer talent of One Direction are what sent the group into stardom. It has been nearly six years since that fateful day and much has been accomplished since then. Though they may be taking a break at the moment, their impact remains. Their music continues to stand the test of time, as fans eagerly await their return.

Here’s to many more years of making new memories!

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Written by CelebMix