One Direction Fans Trend #GoodLuckHarry in Support of his Role in Dunkirk

When Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam closed the book on the first chapter of their journey as One Direction, they were looking forward to some time off, a sense of normalcy (in the degree in which that exists for them), but also to trying out and exploring other talents and interests that they have as individuals.  While music is at the heart of the lads, and they love doing this together, they enjoy sport, writing, film, and even vacations by themselves too – it’s part of what brought them together and still let them keep themselves as individuals.

For Harry Styles, with an unfortunate media push, every single thing he does seems to be painted as “Harry going solo, Harry straying from One Direction, Harry not caring about the band” and it’s quite unfair.  The lad is no less passionate about the band and his mates than any of the others, and nothing he does on their hiatus is set to change that.

When rumors of Harry having a role in Dunkirk began, fans were unsure of their validity, and for months the question of “will he be in the film” remained.  Earlier in May, all questions were answered with an overwhelming “Yes, Harry has a role in Dunkirk”!  This came alongside the release of some photos of him on set, looking dapper in old military dress and fan interactions of him out and about around the location.

One Direction Fans Trend #GoodLuckHarry as Support for his Role in Dunkirk 1

While very little is known about his role in the film, fans are absolutely thrilled for Harry to be experiencing his movie debut with a story as important as the Battle of Dunkirk.  If you aren’t major history buffs (we sort of nerd out about it ourselves) you may not understand the importance of a film on Dunkirk, but it’s a battle that shaped history.  As with any major war or period of social change, if we aren’t sure of our history and of our weaknesses and also strengths, we are likely to repeat some costly mistakes.  We’ve got an article coming your way soon that explains why this film is important and why we think Nolan and his chosen cast and crew will tell the story accurately.

For now, fans are just happy to be showing their support to Harry in any way that they can. Whether his character is focused largely upon through the entire film, or he’s taken on a smaller role, he’s going to absolutely smash it.  What better way to remind Harry of how much he means to his fans than to take to social media with a trend that just shows massive adoration and respect for the boy who stole our hearts so many years ago.

#GoodLuckHarry is the chosen trend and the tweets associated with the hashtag have made all of us smile.  From tweets with photos of Harry over the years – talking about how proud fans are of his personal growth, to gifs of his incredible smile, to video clips of him alongside his bandmates on stage, singing his heart out for the world – the incredible ways that Harry has touched the lives of his fans are absolutely endless and we’re so proud to be such large fans of his ourselves.

From the soft-spoken, curly-haired boy who went to TXF with a dream to the young man who exists today; exuberant, passionate, loving, and proud – we feel privileged to be fans of yours. You’ve grown up in the spotlight and managed to keep a level head and compassionate heart.  The world has been at your feet for years and you’ve treated every person you encounter with respect, be it a fan, someone in the industry, or a passerby who may not know your name, it’s inspiring to watch you interact with anyone – you make every person feel like they’re the only one in the room (even in an arena or stadium).  You’ve never been selfish in your gratitude, always crediting it to the people beside you and the fans that support you, the ones who believe and trust what you say.

We are proud of you Harry, and we wish you immense luck – we’ll be just as excited to see your film premiere as we will when we are front row at One Direction’s return concert after your hiatus is over.  You’ve always given out loyalty and we hope you feel it in return from the people who love you most.  The world is lucky to have you as a musician, songwriter, actor, and any other business venture you explore, but most importantly, the world is lucky to have you as no one other than Harry Styles.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.