One Direction Fans Work to #SaveSkylark in Honor of Harry Styles’ Dunkirk Film Debut

If you’re a fan of Christoper Nolan, you know that he is one of Hollywood’s most talented writer/producer/directors – every project he works on is attention grabbing and intoxicating.  When it was confirmed that Nolan was working on Dunkirk, which will focus on the Evacuation of Dunkirk otherwise known as Operation Dynamo or the Miracle of Dunkirk, it undoubtedly became of the most anticipated films of 2017.

Along with the anticipation came research by fans who wanted to know more about the battle and evacuation of Dunkirk and one of the recurring signals of hope was a little ship named Skylark who saved over 600 men and now needs saving of its own.

Skylark IX was one of the ‘little ships’ in Dunkirk credited with saving the lives of allied soldiers who were stranded on Dunkirk’s beaches.  During attacks that destroyed many other ships, Skylark survived to become an important part of history but in 2010, the ship found itself abandoned.  However, such an integral part of history couldn’t be so soon forgotten and in 2013, a trust was formed to restore Skylark IX and hold on to a ship that did so much for so many.

The Skylark IX Recovery Trust is three years into a fundraising effort to save Skylark and the little ship isn’t the only one feeling the benefits from the process.  The trust also works with Alternatives, an initiative that works with those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.  Not only have the volunteers from Alternatives helped to clean and strip the ship to prepare it for the next steps necessary in restoration, they learn interpersonal and career skills while working to save Skylark.

Donations from the last three years have placed Skylark at the Maritime Musem in Irving where it awaits further restoration and that is where fans of the film who have looked into the importance of the ship are stepping in to do what they can to ensure that Skylark will sail again.

It also comes as no surprise that One Direction fans heard of this trust as they too found themselves counting down the days until Dunkirk hits theaters in summer of 2017.  Harry Styles is making his film debut alongside an all-star cast including Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, and Mark Rylance to name a few and where Harry goes, fans of One Direction go too.

One Direction Fans Work to #SaveSkylark in Honor of Harry Styles' Dunkirk Film Debut 1

Not only have fans brought with them supportive messages for Harry and uplifting votes of confidence – they’ve brought their generous hearts.  When news of the mission to save Skylark began to spread around the fandom, fans were immediately on board with making this happen in honor of Harry’s film debut and because, at the end of the day, it’s what Harry would do.

Harry’s heart of gold has shone brightly since before he was put in One Direction, you can tell his life has been one based on love and kindness and he spreads those emotions, among others, no matter where he goes.  He inspires, he motivates, and he gives others the courage to embrace their own bright lights and he gives, without asking for a thing in return, to anyone in need.

Harry has done everything from stopping to hug a fan while exhausted and run down, to donating time and money to charities, and even taking time in the middle of his busy schedule to visit children who wanted nothing more than to spend a few moments with him.  Harry is the kind of person you only get to meet once in your life, if you’re lucky, and he leaves a mark with you forever.

For those reasons, and many more, fans of Harry are constantly finding ways to give back and this journey to save Skylark is no different.

A website has been built to give information on Skylark, why this cause is important to fans of One Direction and where Harry’s heart of gold comes into play.  Not only is the process of restoring the ship important, the reason behind the restoration, aside from its historical impact, is also worth mentioning.

Upon its restoration, Skylark will sail veterans for a service of remembrance on Dunkirk’s anniversary and if all goes according to plan, Skylark will be set to sail to Dunkirk for the 80th anniversary of Operation Dynamo.

When you donate to the trust you are singlehandedly taking part in restoring a piece of history, and when you think about the trust in that regard, it’s hard to find a reason not to donate.  There are several ways you can get involved; from simply spreading the word, to visiting the Just Giving page created by One Direction fans, and even donating directly at the Save Skylark page via PayPal!

Once you donate, don’t forget to tweet us at @CelebMix1D and let us know you’ve taken part in this incredible project – we’re looking forward to sending you our thanks!

Written by Ashley

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