One Direction Fans (Yet Again) surpass goal for Harry Styles’ Birthday Fundraiser #HappyBirthdayHarry

The power of One Direction fans is absolutely indescribable. Their dedication to Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam as not just a band, but as individuals is a true testament to how much of an impact the lads have had on the people who look up to them. Be it birthday charity drives or album sales, music video views or promoting songs; fans are constantly looking for ways to show the boys of One Direction that they’re the most important guys on the planet.

One fan driven initiative that goes above and beyond every single time is 1D Fans Give, run by a lovely fan named Amy who gives her all, and then some, to set up ways for fans to donate to charities that the boys have worked with closely. For years now, we’ve been able to donate to charity and show Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam that we support them in everything that they do because of her kindness. This year, for Harry’s birthday, she made that possible once again.

Fans of Harry were encouraged to donate to Switchboard, an LGBTQA+ helpline and in true form, so many donations were given that the goal wasn’t just reached, it was surpassed. In addition to donating to the charity alone, there is a shop – which you can still purchase from – selling a lot of shirts for fans of Harry and One Direction as a whole. From a shirt of Liam’s tattoos to Corden’s Angels gear and even the AIMH Tweet merchandise – there’s something for absolutely everyone. You can check that out here and add some original 1D shirts to your wardrobe.

In addition to the items available for purchase, there were donated items from generous One Direction fans up for auction as well. These included the 3 covers of Harry’s Another Man Magazine Cover Issue, a scrabble theme blanket, and a Harry inspired ‘Dunkirk Bear’. The donations from these items will also go to Switchboard.

While the numbers presented through the links is incredible, all in all, the number of money fans have raised for One Direction is more than we could have fathomed. In speaking with Sonya, who works closely with Amy, we were given some figures so we could put it into perspective for our readers, and ourselves.

In four years 1D Fans Give have raised over $229,000! That is absolutely incredible. Of that, $62,247 and climbing has been raised in honor of Harry. This year’s donation is at $10,337 and will be over $11,000 once the auctions complete! We were a bit speechless at those numbers, but it truly comes as no surprise once you think about the heart and soul of fans that support One Direction.

While many still see One Direction fans as screaming adolescents who strive to meet the boys and become Mrs. whomever, it stands even more important now than ever that figures like this one are shown to the public. While no one donates to these charities for recognition, it’s important to see that the fans are just as giving as the boys are and that as a team – the world is a better place because of it. There isn’t another fandom like the One Direction one in the world, and we are so proud to be part of it.

Happy Birthday Harry, we’re incredibly proud of all that you do and more than that, all of those who you inspire. You’ve given hope to so many of us and done so with a humble heart. To the fans of One Direction, and to Amy and those who work closely to make sure we have ways to help donate and contribute, you do more than you know in giving us a way to help make our world better. There aren’t words to describe how thankful we are for you as well.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.