One Direction Get Animated on a Family Guy Camping Adventure

Sunday’s new episode of Family Guy, fans of One Direction got a look into what Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam would look like as characters on the series. It was announced earlier in 2016 that Louis and Liam were at the studio recording lines for an episode.  Fans anxiously awaited their appearance on the show and while it was brief, the lads brought a good laugh along with them.

In the episode, Chris decides to run for Homecoming King and his family is immediately prepared to pick up the pieces after his inevitable loss. In a fortunate, and unexpected turn of events, Chris actually wins – and is ecstatic. While he enjoys his win, his family starts to wonder what the motive behind him being crowned winner actually means.

Meg is under the impression that the kids at school are planning to play a prank on Chris and once the idea is out in the open; Meg, Stewie, and make their way to the school but not before Stewie mentions that he can relate to young adults as he recalls a camping trip with none other than Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry.

Stewie is sat with the lads around a campfire where he’s telling “spooky stories” about mini bars without sparking water and a stylist who brings jeans that aren’t skinny.

Louis, Liam, Harry, and Niall all fear that there are actually jeans that fit properly, but the scare really affects Louis who turns to Liam for assurance that there’s no such thing.  Liam promises that it’s just a story, but once Stewie pulls out a pair, the boys take off into the woods.

Stewie then turns to their other camping guest, Simon, and asks if the lads are tagged – Simon assures him that they are so Stewie takes the opportunity to mention shirts that fit poorly which sent Simon quickly running away too.

While One Direction’s cameo on Family Guy was short; it was fun to see them take part in something while they’re on their hiatus – even if they were cartoon characters.  While the lads all enjoy some time off the road and out of the studio, exploring different parts of who they are, we would be happy to see more guest appearances from them together, even if they only last a moment!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.