One Direction gets cheeky with Jonathan Ross

There truly is no rest for One Direction or their fans – especially lately – and no lack of surprises!  It seems as if Niall, Harry, Louis, and Liam spent some time with Jonathan Ross on November 11th as fans took to Twitter and gave some insight into what they experienced during the taping of the show.

The first impression of the interview questions were fun, different, and just a little bit cheeky as fans of One Direction told Twitter that the boys were asked about things such as the mile high club and being naked in public.

Certainly much different questions than fans and the boys alike are used to!  While there were some questions asked of the lads that fans say made them a bit uncomfortable, they over all seemed to enjoy their time with Jonathan and they even performed a couple songs from Made In The A.M!

There were clips of the interview released on twitter in the days prior to the complete airing of the show on November 21st and the boys looked like they were in hilarious spirits and couldn’t stop laughing – a big relief to fans who had dealt with some less than stellar interviews lately.

Once the entire interview was released fans rejoiced and thanked Jonathan Ross and Michael McIntyre for making this one of the best interviews Liam, Louis, Harry, and Niall have ever done and definitely one where they felt the most comfortable.

Jonathan began the interview by asking the boys what they missed most when they were on the road.  Liam said he missed having his own fridge (in which Michael joked with him about the mini fridge that hotels have), Louis said he missed playing football with the lads, Harry said sleeping in different beds (which led to a quick walk off stage once he realized it sounded like an innuendo), and Niall said he missed good home cooked meals when they were on tour.

The boys had small talk about their busy lives this far and if they’d wished anything had gone differently.  Harry said it would be silly to waste time thinking of things they could have done differently because they were lucky to be where they are.  Liam brought up that he sang karaoke in America – Ordinary People by John Legend to be exact and was so excited talking about it.

During moments like that where you see the bliss on the faces of Liam, Louis, Harry, and Niall when they talk about experiences some of us take for granted – we’re really given a glimpse into the lives they’ve lead and how they don’t really have much “normalcy”.

The topic of Zayn leaving the band gets brought up and the boys try to turn it into a joke at first but, as in any other interview where they’re asked about his absence, you can see how deeply his leaving affected them and how they’re just a bit tired of having to talk about it.

Louis still looks the most deeply cut by Zayn leaving as he admits that they were closest in the band but now don’t speak often, saying that “He (Zayn) tries to distance himself from us” at the same time Michael suggests face timing him.  Louis asks, a bit under his breath, “Do you have his number?” which can be laughed off sans the look of frustration on his face.

The mood shifts when the show returns from a commercial break and the lads play I have never – a game that’s been played a number of times with the band lately.  This time the questions were a bit more fun, the boys seemed to laugh the entire time, and the atmosphere was very relaxed; this definitely was the best round of this game they’ve played.  They were asked about dancing naked in the rain – which Harry, Jonathan, and Niall replied they had.  The boys were asked about the mile high club and Louis was quick to say he had and Liam followed suit while Harry kept his paddle down towards his lap before tossing it over his shoulder.  Michael handed Harry his paddle instead with ‘I have’ facing the audience and told him he’d answer on his behalf.  Fans loved this.

The boys were then asked if they’d ever smoked marijuana and they all hesitated to answer before Niall threw up his ‘I haven’t’.  Harry asked if they could skip the question and Jonathan told them no and said they weren’t allowed to look about at each other for answers.  Louis proudly displayed an ‘I haven’t’ response with a sly grin on his face and the other lads followed suit.

While we know this is a question that they weren’t entirely honest about; it was handled in good humor and didn’t seem to step on the toes of Louis, Harry, Niall, or Liam.  After this question was answered Michael stood up and put on a bit of a skit saying this game was rigged and since the lads were all media trained there was no way they’d get up on stage and admit to doing things that looked a certain way to the public.  Although this was said as a joke and the lads were laughing harder than we’d seen them in ages, it’s worthy of noting that the truth exists that they have gone through media training and they can’t be 100% open about who they are – in a lot of ways – right now where they stand.  Hopefully when they return from their hiatus they’ll be able to be more of themselves and less of the “picture perfect boy band” they’ve been sold as.  The truth of the matter is – fans love them even more when they’re being themselves.

The boys were asked about some of the ridiculous headlines they’ve been part of and this segment was equally as funny as the game they played before it.  With Harry’s vomit and Liam joking about a koala and an STD being the topics of conversation the lads sort of laughed off how insane their lives can become at the drop of a hat and showed how well they’ve handled the fame and pressure they’ve dealt with thus far.

The boys, alongside their interview, performed Drag Me Down and Perfect for the audience and mentioned during their time on stage that they very much still love what they get to do and feel lucky to be where they are; in a way solidifying that this isn’t the end of what they plan to achieve together.

Watch what we feel is one of the best interview from One Direction lately and let us know what you thought about it!


Written by Ashley

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