One Direction – Here To Stay

One Direction fans can let out a sigh of relief as Niall finally caught wind of break up rumors and put a quick end to them.

August 23rd a source who fabricates stories about One Direction more often than not put out an article that hinted at a break for the boys that could/would lead to separation.  Then the rumor mill churned out many pieces that spoke of the boys working on solo projects.

This is not unheard of in music, many bands take breaks between albums and tours, never making a big deal about it because it’s a normal occurance, however in the One Direction fandom break is a word that sends our nerves into overdrive! The boys of One Direction have been worked for the last 5 years harder than most other musicians, putting out album after album, tour after tour, never having much down time to focus on themselves or any solo work they would be interested in.

Again, solo projects don’t nail the coffin closed on a band, it just keeps artists sharp and allows them to tread different types of water while staying close to the boat, so to speak. After 24 stressful hours in the One Direction fandom, Niall came to our rescue to assure us that the boys have no desire to leave us, just as we have no desire to leave them.

One Direction - Here To Stay 1 Looks to me like the boys are just excited about their future as we are, and I don’t know about you but I get tired after 5 DAYS of work with no break, I can’t imagine 5 YEARS.

Enjoy your WELL DESERVED break next year lads, for however long you need, and if you find yourselves in Kentucky, drinks are on me!

Update: it looks like Louis has joined Niall in taking to Twitter to assure fans as well that we have absolutely nothing to worry about! Even using music notes and a don’t worry, similar to what he did when he tweeted about their new single! Anyone have Drag Me Down stuck in their heads again now? Good! Me too.

One Direction - Here To Stay 2


Thanks to you too Louis! You and Niall have given us some sunshine again today, you’re both lovely. We are so thankful for you, all of you.

Thank you for staying, thanks for giving us a future with you!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.