Why is One Direction So Loved? – #DirectionerArticle

I’m not sure if this was done before, but I decided to get some help for this article.

When I was given access to the @CelebMix page, I wanted to do something special. Majority of the tweets are meant to advertise the articles our team writes, but I desired to do something different.

I wanted to write a piece on why One Direction has the fanbase they do. While I surely have my opinion, I decided that just mine wasn’t enough. So I tweeted out, asking Directioners why they decided to stay in this large fandom family. I got replies from people around the world, coming from a variety of ages.

I took pictures of each response, and I have over one-hundred and forty pictures. So before I begin, I’d like to thank every Directioner who decided to submit their reasons. I wish I could’ve mentioned all of you. Your answers were genuine, and a lot of them had me thanking One Direction for their existence. Without you, this article wouldn’t be nearly as great, I promise you. So seriously, thank you.

Let’s begin.

First off, Directioners are much more than just a fandom. @carl_ly_x told me that “we’re an extended family, nuclear family with all these people around the world sharing the same love”. I agree with them; Directioners have always made me feel like I was home.

@ShannenPortis said “they helped me make amazing new friends all over the world”. Through the OTRA account I ran, I met so many lovely people. Not all of them were even going to the show, but it didn’t matter. Everyone I talked to made me feel happy and warm, even though I hardly knew them.

@zaynsanalcavity said the fandom is like a “safe place in a world of uglies”. While I don’t think the world is entirely ugly, I know where they’re coming from.

The fandom is also very dedicated. A lot of us have been here for quite a long time, and we’re still going strong. @angelniaz messaged me that “I matured and gained experiences from them, and not once did my love and my passion for them falter. Nor will it ever”. Plenty of others also said they grew up listening and watching One Direction, like @SwftDirectionLB: “They have grown up before our very eyes, physically and as musicians, and we have been right there beside them”. It’s a very cool thing to watch and experience.

And even though there will be a break, nearly no one plans on leaving. @Stereo_1Dlover tweeted that “I don’t know what the 1D future looks like and I don’t think they know either. But I plan on being right here for them when they return”. The dedication Directioners have is just absolutely remarkable.

Their shows are also very unique. @MusicRockz2014 told me that they like “that they take the time to talk to their fans at shows”. I entirely agree with them. When I went to my OTRA show, there was a lot of fan participation involved. Harry was getting buckets of water, and pouring them all over fans. Louis was silly-stringing both Liam and people in the crowd. It was absolutely amazing, and like no other concert experience I’ve been involved with.

But not everyone can always go to the shows, though that doesn’t seem to always bother Directioners. According to @savagehxrry, “they [make their] day a little better when [they] watch interviews or concert videos”.

Let’s move to the music.

A lot of times, people think we love One Direction because of their looks, and not their music. The truth is, most of us heard their voices before seeing their faces. @rogue_liam said “I became a fan because when I first heard WMYB (What Makes You Beautiful), I smiled for the first time in a long time and I kept falling in love with them after that”. @maddgracie said “I’m a fan of One Direction because of their music… I liked their stuff when I heard it on the radio… They’re my boys and I love them for their amazing talent”.

I first started liking them after hearing them; I had no idea what they looked like. So saying we love them because of their faces? Ridiculous.

The way they got into the music business is so inspiring. @21ghettommo said “One Direction helps inspire bands and artists to be who they are right now”. I think One Direction is definitely a good role model for upcoming artists, as well as just everyone who learns their story. They all lost in the solo category, and eventually, the group category as well. But did that stop them? No. They’re running the world right now.

Music, while it’s the main part of One Direction, is not the only piece. The boys themselves are also fantastic people, and I got so many explanations on why. On the less serious side of it, @haroldsdagger stated that they “fell in love with Harry’s flowing hair”. It is quite majestic, isn’t it? I also got a lot of answers about Larry, which is a ship between members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. I agree, that ship is adorable.

The boys are also the reason why so many people are feeling better about themselves. I didn’t even realize the impact they truly had until I read through the responses. @Larriespassion messaged me that “they’ve showed me it’s okay to be who you are because you’re worth it”. @derpyhes told me “I feel a lot less insecure and conservative and I feel a little more confident. They literally taught me how to be someone without changing myself as a whole.” It’s absolutely incredible that they’re able to do all that.

@summerftstyles told me that “seeing my idols dance so freely on stage and have the time of their lives makes me realize that I shouldn’t be afraid of what others think”. @MeeraPatel357 messaged that “they taught me how to be proud and strong and confident, and they taught me how to be myself, all while just being themselves”. @quirkyharrie said “they make you feel special and are a constant reminder to never give up and that you’re stronger then whatever is going on”. @JRenner12 answered that “they make you feel wanted”.

And the list just continues. So many Directioners were talking about how the boys helped them feel better about themselves. @h7style234 said “they encourage us… [to] be comfortable in our [own] skin”. @almightyboys messaged me that “they lift my spirits when I cannot find strength within myself and grant me reassurance that I can overcome any obstacle that crosses my path”.

I got so many people saying that the boys always make them smile, that the boys entirely saved their lives. If you don’t like One Direction, this right here is why you should still respect them. I agree with @Hanae_Styles: “they’re my heroes”.

Personality-wise, @MeeraPatel357 thought that “these boys are kind, compassionate, caring, giving, selfless, supportive, encouraging, respectful, honest, humorous, cheery, inspiring, and every other positive word in the dictionary”. I think every single word listed here can be used to describe One Direction.

@whenharrymoans brought up #Action1D to me. The boys asked the fans to make videos, asking them what they wanted in a perfect world. I participated, and so did many around the world. What they did gave an important message, which @xellieee quotes perfectly: “One Direction has made me more aware of everything – the suffering in the world, feminism, equal rights… They’ve made me realize how important supporting things like that are”. I think moments like this are my favorite, where the boys and the fans come together and try to make a real difference. It’s just a teamwork between us and them.

Fans also love that the boys are genuine. @Anu_Malik16 said “I love them truly for who they are. They’re humble, never complain, respectful towards women, [and] selfless”. I have always found that incredibly true when it comes to One Direction. The fame never seemed to get to their heads, and that’s entirely appreciated. So many artists out there have that issue, and it’s awful. One Direction has always stayed true. @LouisLegacy222 feels the same way: “They are true people. They still have the [same] personalities [from] when we first saw them”.

Oh, and add in the support they give their fans. @94ftlaurent told me that “they support equal rights for everyone and I think that’s amazing”. Harry Styles has been waving around rainbow flags recently at their shows, and while it’s a really small act, it really does make the arena feel like a safe space. @youarebymyside commented about that too: “they don’t care if you’re a boy, a girl, trans, queer, lgbtqia+. It feels like home”.

One Direction brings so much positive light and love into the world. Without them, the people who are mentioned above wouldn’t be the same. No one who turned in their reasons would be the same. The entire fandom wouldn’t be the same. @leedsbrave mentioned something a lot of people feel: “They make me feel like I belong with them”. “We are all one big family, slaying together and staying together” (@cherrieshes). One Direction gives people a home.

I will end this with a comment I extremely agree with from @ZeRoyalAlly: “I am proud to be in such a close knit family with such an incredible band leading the way”.

Written by Jessica Brown

A college graduate who enjoys watching Supernatural, attending conventions and concerts, taking photos, and writing to the masses. Email me at jesslaurenb@yahoo.com.