One Direction takes us behind the scenes, again!

Today One Direction fans were taken behind the scenes of their recently released Drag Me Down music video for the second time!  Vevo Australia just released the footage on their twitter account.

Part One was released just over a week ago and let fans know how they came up with the idea for the video and gave us a glimpse into how some of our favorite scenes were shot!

Part two begins with Liam in ‘full on space gear’ showing us their space ship!  He tells us a little bit about the suit while we see clips of all the boys in their orange get ups, smiling and looking excited.  Ben Turner, the director, comes in and says Day 2 was the training portion of the video, where the boys were preparing to go to space.  They focus on Liam’s solo part of the video where he undergoes his physical (similar to what really happens to those headed to space) to clear him for take off!

We see Harry get comfortable with his robot pal, examining him closely before sharing tea and a few fist bumps in the video!

Louis comes to view and tells us about how he just wrapped up something exciting that most people would love to do, driving a space rover, and guess what, he actually LOOKS BUZZIN about it!

Sorry, had to be a little snarky there, fancy that!

We also see a few more snippets of Niall being harnessed up, Liam joking with an inflatable alien, and Harry exercising a bit (can’t be mad at that can we?).

You can watch the entire video below, doing so also helps the newest One Direction fan project, getting the video to 100,000,000 views!  This fan base is always finding new ways to show the boys how much we support them, and doing so with pride.

Well done again boys, looks like you had a blast making the video!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.