One Direction takes us Home

Sleep is something that doesn’t come easy to One Direction fans, especially this year, and tonight is just further proof that there is truly no time to rest when you’re a Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall fan.

On Spotify in certain countries the boys of One Direction put out the Perfect EP which contains a stripped version of ‘Perfect’ as well as a remix, a remix of ‘Drag Me Down’, and ‘Home’ which is bringing fans to tears.

“It’s alright – calling out for somebody to hold tonight
when you’re lost I’ll find a way I’ll be your light.
you will never feel like you’re alone, I’ll make this feel like home”

This is a preview of the direction we believe the boys were excited about moving towards!  Singles to be released on the radio for One Direction’s “target audience” (at least according to their current their current management/team) are pop influenced songs.  The boys kill those, they absolutely do, but this sound – the more mellow, relaxed, grown up sound – that’s what the boys have been working towards.  That’s what the boys are proud of.

Immediately upon hearing it we thought about Maroon 5, this sounds like something you’d find on their albums!  The sound is mature, the harmonizing is beautiful, and the beat is a relaxed very coffee shop, sunday morning, fall drive type of thing.  Absolutely gorgeous.

The emphasis on this song focuses more on the boys’  voices than the music behind it, there isn’t a loud chorus that comes in followed by heavy drums, and there isn’t the party beat behind it. It’s just a really beautiful look into the vocal range and even the accents of Louis, Niall, Harry, and Liam – we can’t get enough.

Speaking of emphasizing the boys vocal abilities – the stripped version of Perfect does that incredibly well too.  You are given a real example of the power of the boys’ vocal abilities and their raw talent that is sometimes missed in the catchy choruses and upbeat tracks of most “radio popular” One Direction songs.

The track-list for Made In The A.M has been released and Home isn’t on it, so we’re incredibly thankful that it was released to us on the Perfect EP.  If this is a track that didn’t make the cut for the album, we can’t imagine the beauty and the depth of the lyrics we’re going to get from the tracks that did.

If you’re listening to Home and crying your eyes out, you’re not alone.  We are definitely with you sobbing in about every possible way there is to sob and hugging our One Direction pillows and wanting to go to the “home” that they describe in the song.

Can we all just live in Home together while the boys are on their break?  It’s beautiful there, innit?

Congrats again Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall – you are absolutely blowing us away with every single snippet, song, and video from Made In The A.M so far.  We are with you when you say you believe this is your best album yet.



Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.