The band, and the thank you advert fans placed for them in Billboard Magazine last month.

One Direction thank fans with TV advertisement!

After blowing us all away with a performance of their new single “Perfect” on the show that made them five years ago, One Direction gave fans a little treat in the ad breaks in the form of a Thank You message to the fans!

The message took us all by surprise and was a simple, poignant and effective way of both thanking the fans and bringing us all to tears. Shreds of paper rained down, scrawled with lyrics, as their song “History” from One Direction’s new and final album before their 2 year hiatus Made in the AM playing in the background. At this point most of us would have assumed it was merely a promotional advert for the album, released Friday, but in the final seconds a message appeared on screen that read “Thank You, Love Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry. x” . Then, just in case you missed it, the boys took to Twitter to share the exact same message via a Tweet through the official One Direction account.

The advert follows a thank you to the boys and from the fans, placed in Billboard magazine a few weeks ago, thanking the boys for all that they’ve done and wishing them luck. Through all the music and all the drama, it’s important that we never ever forget just how important One Direction as people have been to a lot of people since their creation, and the impact they have had.

After five years at the forefront of pop music, and on what might possibly be their last ever performance on the show that made them, it was a perfect and poignant way for One Direction to thank the fans so openly since, despite them insisting it’s only a break, rumours persist it will turn to a full time split, and with falling viewing figures and ITV snapping up The Voice, X Factor is rumoured to not have much time left!

The thank you from One Direction was a moment of huge significance for both the boys and the show which, though we expect and hope will have them back at the Grand final in December, is preparing to say Goodbye, for now to its biggest success story.

Though One Direction’s hiatus is not expected to commence until March of next year, the goodbyes have already started. As have our tears.

Below is a low quality video of the advert, but hopefully we can upload a better quality at a later time.

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Written by CelebMix