One Direction to take a break?

According to a new article from The Sun, the biggest boyband in the world are set to take a little time-out beginning March of next year. Although it comes as a surprise, let’s be real, we all knew they needed a break and, as much as we expected it, we were most definitely not prepared.

However, let’s also think about the thousands of other articles throughout the last five years claiming to have exclusives from the band’s headquarters informing them that they were splitting up. Have any of them been true? Obviously not; they’re still here.

So, what can we take from this article? Honestly, I’m not too sure myself. What we know is that it’s another ‘exclusive’ from Dan Wootton, a man who the One Direction fandom is sure to know the name of. How many exclusives has he had in the past? Also, one thing to highlight upon is that the person with the information is just a ‘1D source,’ not necessarily someone directly linked to the band.

Nevertheless, if the band truly is to have a break, I say let them. They’ve been worked hard over the past five years and we’ve watched them grow up in front of our eyes. We’ve seen them laugh, cry, fall over (I’m looking at you, Harry), celebrate and have the most ridiculous rumours based around them. I believe they deserve a hiatus.

Though a rest for them would be lovely, and the idea that they’ll come back together again after the time off they need, working on separate projects isn’t something that settles well with fans. What if they enjoy it too much? What if they don’t want to get back together? If I’m being frank, these questions worry me, too.

The concept of them having their own solo projects creates a bit of fear in my mind. Surely if they become distant and work on their own, it doesn’t make sense for them to get back together? On the other hand, we all know that the boys have been faithful to their fans and would never do something they believe could deeply hurt them. Therefore, I believe that – if the rumours are true that they are taking a temporary split – they will get back together after because they are, and always will be, loyal to their fans.

Plus, on the brighter side, how could you not look forward to the possible prospect of Harry acting, becoming a model for Saint Laurent or even starting his own clothing line? How about Louis taking up the role of being an X Factor judge next year, or pushing his footballing career further? Or even seeing Liam become a hugely credited songwriter and producer? Perhaps Niall will pick up on his golfing career (someone make sure he doesn’t have a caddie who falls over) or just continue to be Derby’s biggest fan. Who knows? Maybe they will all have solo singing careers, but, if I’m being honest, all of these points are things to look forward to.

So, all in all, don’t think of this as the end of the world – we don’t even know if it’s 100% true. There could be many positive things to come out of this, even if it sounds like the most devastating thing possible right now. Think happy thoughts.

Finally, one last bit of advice from the man who has departed from all this drama.

Written by CelebMix