ONE DIRECTION: Work hard, play hard, be kind.

“Straight off the plane to a new hotel…” – Midnight Memories, 2013 (Midnight Memories)

“I’ve been all around the world, seen a lot of faces, never knowing where I was” – Dont Forget Where You Belong, 2013 (Midnight Memories)

“Another non stop will it ever end?” – Clouds, 2014 (Four)

It’s pretty evident from these lyrics that the boys work hard – and major props to them for that. They create incredible albums whilst touring the world and shifting from one hotel to another within the space of a few months. On top of that, they perform to 80,000+ fans in sold out stadiums and manage to continue writing songs right after their concerts since they’re still on a high from the adrenaline rush and, occasionally, jetlag kicks in. These boys do what they love, but with that comes a lot of work; a lot of hours are spent in making albums, videos, perfumes, photoshoots and sound checking. They clearly work very hard, and for that, One Direction, we are grateful for all of those hours you spend in studios, hotels, planes, tour buses and performing in sold out stadiums.

Ignore the “Baby” and other ridiculous rumours for a while and focus on how much good these boys do. Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall recently launched the “Action 1D” campaign where fans can help change peoples perspectives and have their say on topics such as inequality, poverty and climate change. This is could potentially have a major impact as One Direction are highly influential and honestly, the fanbase has the power to have their say and get the word out. A few months back the fans launched a “No Control” project which effectively spread across music stations around the world. It was even mentioned at the Billboard Awards and Louis seemed genuinely amazed and grateful for what the fans have done – and what they can do. It’s clear that the One Direction fanbase are powerful, there’s no doubt about it so imagine how much we could do with the help from the boys and “Action 1D” campaign.

In addition, Louis is also hosting a Charity Cinderella Ball tomorrow. The money will go towards Children who are suffering from terminal illnesses and whoever’s present at the event will truly be able to have the time of their life thanks to Louis Tomlinson and the “Believe In Magic” charity.

“Why can’t tabloids write about that instead of fake baby rumours,” I wonder to myself

Finally, after spontaneously dropping their new single “Drag Me Down” which reached the #1 spot in 82 countries within 24 hours with no promotion whatsoever, expectations for the fifth album are high to say the least. It’s worth mentioning that this is their first album as a four piece and their first single off the fifth album did exceptionally well as the boys managed to successfully change their sound, and we can imagine the new album completely breaking the charts.

2015 has been a pretty tough year for the boys as well as the fans. However, despite all of the drama, the boys seem to be killing the game and they’re not really letting it all get to their heads while they’re at it. Keep doing you boys. As long as they’re happy and doing what they love, that’s all that really matters.

Written by CelebMix