One Direction’s Dan Richards on his new music project Tux Bolo

If you’re a fan of One Direction, chances are you’ve been impressed by the guitar playing of Dan Richards both on album and live in concert. The London native has been part of One Direction’s band since 2011 and while the lads have been enjoying the first year of their hiatus; the members of their band have been doing the same thing. For Dan, walking away from music wasn’t a desire or an option, and his latest project is something that soon, everyone will be talking about.

Tux Bolo is a three piece dance-pop group composed of Dan Richards, Lance Conrad, and Doug Louiselle and they’ve already released an incredible song called ‘Shame on Me’ featuring Ashley Dubose. The tune is the perfect debut for the band and is sure to light a fire with fans of EDM. It’s fresh, it’s fun, and it’s a bit addicting – in all the best ways.

We were lucky enough to talk to Dan about how life off the road from the many One Direction tours is going, and what we should expect next from Tux Bolo; spoiler – it’s going to be great.

Dan, let’s start with a question I think we’ve all got for anyone associated with 1D over the last six years. How does it feel to be off of the road and at home? What little things did you miss the most?
It’s a weird feeling, having been away on tour for so long it’s been good to have a break to catch up with friends and family and focus on other projects, it’s hard to write music on the road, so this time has let me focus on my own stuff which is where Tux Bolo has come from. I think the thing I miss the most is the one-time events that you’re not around for, such as birthdays or weddings, when you’re on tour you have to sacrifice those times.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, what do you miss about being on the road?
I miss a lot of different things, like playing to big crowds with all the screaming fans and traveling to new places. I love traveling, so I always loved going to places that most people don’t visit or rarely get to visit.

You’re extremely talented, is playing something that you’ve enjoyed since you were a kid?The first instrument I played was piano at about 10, but I didn’t pick up the guitar until quite late, around 13. As soon as I started playing guitar I loved it, I would just get home from school and practice, but when you enjoy something so much you don’t really feel like you’re practicing.

Tux Bolo has a unique and really beautiful sound, I haven’t been able to stop listening to ‘Shame on Me’. What made you want to explore this type of music?
I grew up listening to pop and soul music and wanted to create something that came naturally to me, I could try and write a rock album, but it would never be as good as something the Foo Fighters would write. So with the direction music is moving at the moment, we wanted to write something that was current, relatable and that felt good to listen to.

Your tweets say you’ll have a playlist up for us soon, can you give us a lyric from one of your favorite unreleased songs so far?
“Scarlet kisses playing games with my mind” from our song ‘Voodoo Doll’.

How long have you, Lance, and Doug of been friends? Have you worked together before this?
We’ve been friends for about 3 years and have worked together on various projects, but it’s only been this last year that we’ve decided to focus on writing music for us. Initially, it was just for fun, but the more we did it, we thought “ this stuff is cool we should be sharing it with people.”

Give us a guilty pleasure song from your iPod right now!
I’ve had DNCE on repeat in my car for the last few weeks, can’t beat some funk pop whilst driving! Though I do get an occasionally funny look from drivers if I’m singing along!

Dance-pop seems to be a lot about emotion, you can listen to it in a bad mood and feel lighter, listen in a good mood and feel more inspired; was that some of its appeal for you?
I think if you write a song that people can relate to, then they will draw their own meaning from it. We don’t really set out to write a song with the intention that it has to be happy or sad, mainly we try and write something that people can connect with.

Is there anyone you’re already dying to work with?
I think as a group we’d all really like to work with different people, I’d really like to work with Ariana Grande, her voice is ridiculous, with her range you could come up with some cool melodies. Doug has said he’d like to work with someone quirky like Shamir. I know Nick Jonas is someone that Lance would really like a chance to work with.

Have the boys from 1D given Tux Bolo a listen yet? What do they think?
Yeah, I’ve played it to some of the 1D guys and 5SOS, most of the time they’re surprised as they didn’t really know that I wrote my own music, but I’ve had some really good feedback and who knows, we may even collaborate in the future.

What would you like your new fans to know about you?
That we are awesome, haha! No, I think we’d just like people to know that were putting out some cool music and that they should check us out. We’re hoping to put some new music out in the next few months and working with some rally talented artists that we can’t wait to share with everyone.

Where should we go to follow Tux Bolo and learn more?
Check us out on our website or follow us on our twitter @Tuxbolo. We always launch our music on Spotify so that’s the best place to follow us if you want to get our new music as soon as it’s out!

For Dan, Lance, and Doug this is just the beginning and we can’t wait to see what’s in store next for Tux Bolo. Go give them a follow on social media, check out their Spotify and tweet us at @CelebMix and let us know what you think!

Don’t forget to check out ‘Shame on Me’ – you can listen to it below.

Written by Ashley

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