One Direction’s Feel Good Playlist

Feel good music, the type to make you happy and dance around like nobody’s watching. Don’t know what to listen to? CelebMix has got you covered with an amazing Feel Good playlist!

It would be wrong of us not to mention “Up All Night”, hence the reason why it is the first in our playlist. We feel that it may just be the ultimate feel good song One Direction has. The upbeat music, which lifts your spirit up and everything about the title and song brings all of us back to the Up All Night era. Who doesn’t miss those old days? We know we do and getting to hear this song just makes our entire day.

Next, we’re jumping into another album, Take Me Home with “Live While We’re Young”. From the first beat of the song to the very end, we just cannot get enough of it. Every time we hear this song, our body is instantly moving. It’s such a carefree and let go song that it’s hard for anyone not to have fun and jam to it. One Direction did a great job with this song!

Another song from Take Me Home that definitely needs to make it on the Feel Good playlist is “Heart Attack”. It would be a lie if you said that you don’t sing along to this song or even just the chorus. With the ear-catching “ow” in the chorus, who doesn’t love trying to sing that? We know we love it. Such a tune that no one can resist.

Moving on to the next album, Midnight Memories. We still can’t get over “Happily”! The chorus is to die for because it’s one of those songs that you can sing in the car and express yourself. “Happily” is a song that you can scream at the top of your lungs with and make you feel better. How can we forget about it?

Next, we’re going to jump right into FOUR and listen to “ Act My Age”. Do we need to say more? We don’t even know what to tell you because we can’t stop dancing to it. If you need to pump yourself up and boost your entire day, “Act My Age” will be great for you!

If we’re mentioning FOUR, how can we forget “No Control”? This song is the ultimate feel good of all time. Not only did it get recognition without being a single, the fans came together to celebrate the beauty that is Louis Tomlinson’s vocal in this masterpiece. Definitely on our repeat!

Now we come to their latest work yet, Made in The A.M. What an incredible album, filled with beautiful songs and memorable words. It wouldn’t feel the same if we didn’t include “Never Enough” into this playlist. Everything about that song screams feel good. It almost has the same vibe as “Act My Age” and we just can’t get enough of it (get it).

Continuing on with Made in The A.M, we have “What a Feeling”. We believe that it’s suitable for it to be in our Feel Good playlist because it’s such a calming song. To cool down from a tiring day, listening to “What a Feeling” really collects yourself together and ultimately making you feel better. We love everything about this song, go 1D go!

Lastly, we need to finish off our playlist with the beautiful, “History”. With the journey that all of us have been through for the past five years, it’s a nice reflective song to listen to as you go down memory lane. You realize how amazing these memories are and never wish to let it go. Hands down one of the best song on this playlist!

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Written by CelebMix