One Direction’s Made in the A.M. is their best album yet

One Direction’s fifth album Made in the A.M. is out now, but the the band admits that the whole making of the album wasn’t easy. Made in the A.M is their first album without former band member Zayn Malik, who left the band this past March. The boy band spoke to PEOPLE a few days before the release of their new album and they said it’s their “best one” yet.

“Obviously when you get the finished product, a voice that was there before isn’t there anymore, so obviously that’s different,” Harry Styles said. “But we set out to make a record that we felt is our best one, and we really have been really proud of the fact that we feel like we’ve done that.”

Even though One Direction feel like Made in the A.M is their best album yet, Niall Horan admits that it was a “tough time” and that’s one reason why they are so proud of it: “We took 10 weeks of our tour to literally just go into the studio and spent that time in L.A. And a lot of time in London on writing. That’s probably why we’re so proud of it.”

When former band member Zayn Malik left the band this past March, fans of One Direction didn’t really know where the band stood. The guys made sure to make it very clear from the beginning that they weren’t going anywhere.

“We were all in a position where we wanted to continue,” said Louis Tomlinson. “When you lose a member of the team, of course that’s a hard thing to deal with, but actually what was kind of cool about the situation is we kind of knew that we had to bond together as a band at that stage and we actually really did that.”

As you all know, One Direction have been through a lot this year. Even after everything they have been through, it has somehow made them closer and it helped them make their best album yet. There is no denying that Made in the A.M. is absolutely amazing. Good job boys!

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Written by CelebMix