One Week Until Jake Gyllenhaal’s Demolition

The 35-year old American actor Jake Gyllenhaal is on the max level and gives all his energy into the work he does. His latest movies ‘Southpaw’ and ‘Everest’ in 2015 were nominated for several awards, but Jake can’t be stopped by anyone. Currently, it’s confirmed that the actor is going to play in no less than six movies in the near future – ‘The Man Who Made It Snow’, ‘Nocturnal Animals’, ‘The Current War’, ‘Stronger’ and ‘Okja’. Who knows how much more will come!

Now every human who ever had a crush on Gyllenhaal can be happy because his new movie ‘Demolition’ hits theaters in the USA on Friday, April 8.

In the Jean-Marc Vallée film, that showcase the actor and his talented co-stars, including Naomi Watts, Heather Lind or Chris Cooper, Gyllenhaal plays an investment banker who deals with his grief in a variety of unconventional ways. The sad subject matter makes for a dynamic role for the actor to show a lot of range — and superficially, for him to show a lot of his most handsome side.

Davis (Gyllenhaal) is struggling after losing his wife in a tragic car crash. A customer-service Karen (Watts) forms a strong bond with the man.

Davis explains to us that life isn’t always as perfect as it may seem from the outside, and with the help of Karen, he starts to rebuild, beginning with the demolition of the life he once knew.

If you haven’t seen the trailer of the magnificent film yet, you can watch it below!

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Written by Alexandra Nagy

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