One Year Of Over Atlantic

Today marks the one year anniversary of Over Atlantic becoming a band. In 365 short days the band have accomplished so much, from playing their first show together to selling out their own headline show in London and touring Europe with Jake Miller. In one year they’ve done what it takes bands years to achieve.

When the band first started, it was originally only 4 members, Gabriel Gomér, Sean Killeen, Charlie Jones and Liam Ross. However, on the 28th May, Over Atlantic announced the addition of their 5th member, Trevor Cash.

Being a band for just over 2 months, Over Atlantic finally released their first cover on YouTube, a cover of ‘Treat You Better’ by Shawn Mendes. The cover was the first insight into seeing how the band come together in a musical sense, and what type of music they actually play. And by the looks of things, people were impressed.

On the 23rd July, it was time for the band to play their first ever show together. The show was supporting Something Like December and was in Arizona, Phoenix. Not only was it the first time for fans to hear how Over Atlantic were live, but they also performed some of their originals like ‘Likes Me Like That’. This was just the start for their original tracks.

It wasn’t until the 8th September that Over Atlantic embarked on their first tour, one supporting Kenny Holland. The tour involved 4 dates across several cities in the US. On these tour dates the band continued to play original songs and some covers too, their fanbase growing with each and every show.

It wasn’t long until Over Atlantic came across the pond to the UK and did something here. In early October, Over Atlantic did a meet up in London, and quite the crowd showed up to meet them. Taking selfies, videos, chatting with other fans over Skype/calls, Over Atlantic got their first feel of what the support from the UK would be like.

On the 15th October, Over Atlantic played their first show in the UK. Supporting Josh Taylor on his ‘Hot For Me Tour’, they played at Newcastle University. It’s safe to say that the response from the crowd probably wasn’t something they expected to see. Fans had traveled across the country to see them on their first show. Whether that be from Glasgow, Leeds, etc, they were there to see Over Atlantic smash their first show in the UK.

After the success of supporting Josh Taylor, Joey Devries and Chris Bourne on their tours, it wasn’t long before they decided it was time to do their own headline show. On the 26th November, Over Atlantic performed their first headline show at The Garage in London, a show that they sold out. At this show, the band also debuted two new songs that they had written, ‘What Do I Gotta Do’ and ‘Both’.

Taking a couple of months away from touring, the band members went home for Christmas and then to LA in early 2017 to focus on their music once again. This being said, it was only expected that it wouldn’t be long until they had a single out, and that happened on March 24th. The single that they debuted at their headline show, ‘What Do I Gotta Do’, was released to the world and the reactions that fans had to single was phenomenal. There wasn’t an unhappy fan in sight!

Following the success of their single and the headline show in London the year prior, the band announced that they were embarking on a three day tour across England with shows in London, Manchester and Birmingham. All three shows attracted a large crowd, especially for a band’s first headline tour. If fans weren’t already incredibly proud, they were by now.

There was no stopping Over Atlantic now as they explored further into Europe while touring with Jake Miller on his ‘Overnight’ tour. The tour consisted of 17 dates in several countries including the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, France and Sweden. The band gave it their all at every gig, showing Europe how talented they truly are.

While on tour, the band announced the release of their debut EP ‘Likes Me Like That’, set to be released mid tour on the 28th April which was also drummer Gabriel Gomér’s birthday. The EP is something truly incredible, highlighting how talented the band are musically.

It’s strange to think that Over Atlantic have achieved so much in such a short amount of time. 365 days and they’ve somehow managed to do all of this. It’s crazy to think that it’s even possible, and saying their fans are proud of them would be an understatement.

Here at CelebMix, we want to wish Over Atlantic the best of luck with year two of being a band, we’re sure you’ll smash it!

Written by CelebMix