The Oscar Nominations 2015.

Yes, that’s right, the Oscar nominations have been announced and it finally feels like the countdown to Oscar night has begun! The nominations are packed with fantastic movies, some unexpected recognitions and a plentiful amount to discuss.

First of all, congratulations to The Revenant, leading with a grand total of 12 nominations! Following just two nominations behind, is Mad Max Fury Road. Best Picture is a category these two films are both contenders for and the fight is strong! Joining these two films are; Ridley Scott’s The Martian, Steven Spielberg’s The Bridge of Spies, Room, The Big Short, Brooklyn and Spotlight.

Spotlight, Room, The Revenant and Mad Max were all contenders for Best Picture drama at the Golden Globes and The Martian and The Big Short were nominated for Best Picture Comedy/Musical. The two additions from the Academy are Brooklyn and The Bridge of Spies. The two winners at the Globes were The Martian and The Revenant but at the Oscars, they are both in the same race. So, is it safe to say that the fight will be between these two movies?

Well, some critics are saying that Mad Max is a definite possibility with its “high-octane action sequence shunting into the next at breakneck speed.. and dazzlingly choreographed and edited stunts” but will its lack of dialogue cost it an Oscar? Or will The Bridge of Spies take it on award night with its incredibly proficient storytelling? Room is also a very notable nom, originally a book by Emma Donoghue, its lead actress, Brie Larson is also up for an award, and since she was the winner at the Globes, her chances are looking strong.

The Oscars are sometimes very unpredictable so any one of these fabulous movies could take the award on the night.

Every movie needs the perfect cast and this year the nominations for Best Actress and Best Actor are very tight indeed. For Best Actor we have, Leonardo Dicaprio, Michael Fassbender, Bryan Cranston, Matt Damon and Eddie Redmayne. As it seems, Leonardo and Eddie seem to be the most popular for the award but let’s take a second to acknowledge how amazing all the performances by these actors were!

Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs was truly magnificent. The Daily Telegraph described his performance is this statement: “[Fassbender’s] performance is so microscopically calibrated to catch your eye and heart…”. Matt Damon seems to be equally as popular as Leonardo with his natural acting in a very unnatural situation.

Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston was the reason many people went to see Trumbo and he played the role with excellent execution and great wit. It’s Redmayne’s second year being nominated in this category, last year he won for his phenomenal portrayal of Professor Stephen Hawking. This fact may play against his winning this year but it’s needless to say how spectacular his role as Lili Elbe was in The Danish Girl. Played with such elegance, precision, and beauty – his acting alone will bring tears to your eyes!

Finally, Leonardo Dicaprio. It has to be said that it would be a great moment in history and an end to many memes and jokes such as the very common, “I have as many Oscars as Leonardo Dicaprio.” not to mention the relief it would bring to all his fans! His performance in The Revenant was intense, striking and memorable. Times made this statement about him: “As Glass, DiCaprio simply endures. He gives the movie a beating heart, offering it up, figuratively speaking, alive and bloody on a platter. It – he – is the most visceral effect in the movie, revenge served warm. Bon appetit.”

Onto the ladies. The nominations are: Cate Blanchett, Brie Larson, Jennifer Lawrence, Charlotte Rampling, Saoirse Rona. Cate and “JLaw”- as she refers to herself- have previously won this award and are obviously two very dazzling stars. Jennifer was relatable in Joy and is the reason the movie stood out. Cate in Carol was “As searing as [she] was in her Oscar-winning turn in Blue Jasmine, she arguably achieves something even deeper here by acting in a much quieter, more underplayed register.” Brie Larson’s performance won her the Golden Globe, righteously as she presents an almost unbearable amount of pain and emotion.

Left out of this category were Rooney Mara for Carol and Alicia Vikander for The Danish Girl. Both these fine actresses played an equally weighted role to their co-stars and Alicia Vikander in combination with Eddie Redmayne is one of the reasons that The Danish Girl was so beautifully touching. You can physically feel her compassion towards her partner as she plays Gerda. We think she should have been put in this category for Ex Machina!

Joining Alicia and Rooney in the Supporting Actress category are: Kate Winslet, Rachel McAdams and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Jennifer has to be the highlight of The Hateful Eight, mischievous as she was in her credit worthy role. Kate Winslet, picked up a Globe for her role but some have said that she has a “wavering accent.” What do you think? McAdams brought her “resolute intelligence”. While Mara is arguably in the incorrect category, she played her role in the such a genuine manner, being both, “vulnerable and hungry, timid and ferocious, predator and prey”

And in the Best Supporting Male category are: Christian Bale, Mark Ruffalo, Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy and Sylvester Stallone. Sylvester Stallone has returned as the famous Rocky Balboa, in Creed but plays a much heavier emotion. Mark Rylance was mesmerising, bringing an eeriness in his quiet acting. Tom Hardy has to be the villain of the year in his role in The Revenant as while watching this movie all you will want is for Leo’s character to get his revenge on Hardy’s. Ruffalo and Bale, both nominated for their roles in Spotlight have to be praised for their executions, as they were so brilliant.

Take a look at the full Oscar Nominations List here.

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Written by CelebMix