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Our 5 favourite One Direction videos

This week marks CelebMix’s five year anniversary so what better way to celebrate than to write about some of our favourite celebrities, this article is dedicated to One Direction and some of the brilliant music videos they have released over the years.

Midnight Memories

Shot on location in London, it sees the band getting up to lots of fun antics late at night after leaving a really boring party. It encapsulates the song as it’s the boys making memories with each other. One of our favourite bits is towards the end when the boys are admiring the view of London from Tower Bridge, we can’t imagine how breath-taking the view was while filming that bit, although we imagine it might have been a teeny tiny bit cold, filming it so late at night.

Best Song Ever

The script for this video was written by James Corden and Ben Winston and saw the band try their hands at acting. Niall and Louis were Hollywood execs, Zayn was the lovely secretary/personal Assistant Veronica, Liam the choreographer and Harry was the stylist. The concept of the video was the band had just been offered a film deal and they were discussing ideas, they hated them all, so show their alter egos just as exactly who they are as a band.

Story of my Life

We couldn’t not include this one. The Story of my Life video is lovely because it features photos of all the band growing up and also each member re-enacts a photo with their family. Louis’s part in particular never fails to make us emotional. As his part really does bring home how precious photos are in preserving memories.

One Way or Another(Teenage Kicks)

One Way or Another is a cover of the Blondie classic. The band released it in aid of Comic Relief and shot the video over the course of a year while on tour.

Little Things

A beautiful song matched with an equally matched visually simple but stunning video in black and white.

Over the five years before the band went on their rather extended hiatus they released all the great videos above, as well as numerous others including Drag Me Down and History.

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