OUT NOW: ‘Ageless Ancient & True’ by KWUN

Talented newcomer Kwun presents an Eagles-inspired track ‘Ancient Ageless & True.’ Via his musicality and creative writing process, Kwun opens the door for new paradigm techniques and self-awareness. 

Hailing from the UK hometown of Glastonbury, Kwun resides on a unique playing field where his debut single ‘Supernatural’ received 13 nominations and wins for his debut track and breathtaking visuals filmed in Tulum Beach and Punta Laguna, Mexico, where Kwun splits his time with the UK. 

As a second single and a title track for Kwun’s forthcoming album, ‘Ancient Ageless & True,’ it carries lyrical innocence and purity that transpired during Kwun’s time in the Andes Mountains of Peru. It was a case of a heightened state of awareness spiritually infused by a shaman session. 

Kwun lyrically illustrates a profound simplicity that only love can inspire with a resonating chorus “I know now your love is ancient, ageless and true / I died a thousand deaths today, just to get closer to you.” 

After the natural lyrical emergence, Kwun recorded and collaborated with stellar Nashville studio musicians back in Glastonbury. The track is mixed by Sam Wheat, a UK engineer who worked with Pharell Williams, The Rolling Stones, and Amy Winehouse. 

You can listen to Kwun’s unique style blending Americana, Funk, and Rock in his new single ‘Ancient, Ageless & True’ out now.

Written by Emma

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