Outside Lands 2018: The ups and downs of this year’s festival

This past weekend we attended San Francisco’s annual 3-day Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival inside Golden Gate Park. We were honored with multiple appearances by none other than Karl the Fog (it’s honestly just fog), great music, and good vibes all around. However, this year, instead of focusing our entire attention on the music (obviously) we spent a good chunk of time checking out what the festival had to offer sans-music. Check out what we thought were the ups and downs of this year’s show.

Baconland DOES exist

As an OSL veteran, this is our third year in a row attempting to find Baconland and huzzah! We finally found it. Alas, without much to cheer for. Baconlovers, we too were heartbroken to know the “land” was only just a booth stand. We tried Tennessee bacon and sadly, it was not our favorite. Too salty for our taste buds. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say to say Baconland is real.

Speaking of which… OSL does not hold back when it comes to food

Oh, we’re drooling just typing this. Outside Lands is home to so many local food vendors who all come out to fill our music loving tummies. Our personal favorites were Kamikaze Fries from Koja Kitchen, Elote from Tres SF, and affordable clam chowder from Woodhouse Fish Co.  We wish we could give more recommendations but we honestly didn’t know where we’d fit it all.

The Bubble Tea Party was EVERYTHING

Aimlessly strolling through the park, we came across the newly added “Bubble Tea Party” which was just as magical as you’d think. Performers spent hours standing in front of attendees happily forming huge bubbles that made every adult feel like a kid again. No, really. Everyone was sitting cross-legged, dazed by what was happening. Come for the boba, stay for the bubbles.

Festival partners made it an experience for concert-goers

Gone are the days where companies and brands are trying to force you to buy things. Haven’t you noticed how selling things have become more of an “experience” all for the sake of the perfect Instagram photo? Shout out to Hint water and OK Cupid for giving that experience for everyone.

Each headliner didn’t disappoint

It was difficult to choose who’d you spend more time with by the end of each night but no matter which stage you chose, the headliners did not disappoint. Our personal favorite? Janet Jackson who performed a medley of her songs that called for everyone to dance. Sorry, DJ Snake! We heard you were a good time too!

Friday’s lineup was a bummer for 9-5 workers

Friday’s lineup featured N.E.R.D., Lauv, Billie Ellish, Rex Orange County and more all going on stage before 5 p.m. Great for everyone who called the day off! Huuuuge let down for everyone who either couldn’t call the day off or couldn’t get there in time. Raises hand Put us in that category.

Outside Lands is back again next year August 9-11, 2019. Will you be attending? Let us know by tweeting us: @celebmix

Written by Ashley Bulayo

I reference anything and everything to Lizzie McGuire. Follow me on Twitter + Instagram: @ashleeeybash. I respond 99.9% of the time.