Over And Over Again screenings

Yesterday (25th November), a select number of fans were chosen at random to attend the premiere of Nathan Sykes new music video for his latest single, Over And Over Again and I was one of the lucky few which got the opportunity to attend the event!

If you follow us on Snapchat  you will probably know how the day went and experienced my excitement first hand but if you haven’t, fear not, I’m going to do my best to explain every single little detail of how the event panned out.

There had already been two screenings of the music video when I arrived for my specific screening, and you could almost feel the excitement from outside the building, some fans had been in and out and were waiting for Nathan to leave at the end in hopes of selfies and extra hugs. As I made my way up to the hotel in Soho, London, the butterflies really started to kick in and I wasn’t feeling too well if I’m perfectly honest, I’ve never had the opportunity to meet someone famous who I like before and I had expected after the five and a bit years of wanting to meet a member of The Wanted I wouldn’t feel nervous, I would just feel joy but nope, I was terrified! Looking back, it seems stupid now that I was so scared because Nathan, as I discovered, has to be one of the most kindest and down to earth people you will ever come across.

As we arrived outside the cinema screen, we checked in and handed our phones over so that we couldn’t film any of the music video as the official launch isn’t until Wednesday! We were all given ‘tickets’, just a small piece of paper suddenly became one of the most precious items I own, it made the whole event seem so much more real, I don’t think it had hit me that I was going to be one of the first people to see the music video and I would also get to meet Nathan. It didn’t seem real.

Over And Over Again screenings 1

We made our way into what could possibly be the cutest and most extravagant cinema you could imagine. We’re talking leather sofas and holders for refreshments, it was lovely, it made the event so much more unique because we weren’t just in some chain cinema. As we went to sit down we realised that we all had a bag of gifts each which contained a bottle of water, some popcorn (so we felt like we were at the cinema), and some shower gels, just a little something but it made you feel welcome and it was as though Nathan had given you a gift, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a gift from Nathan?

Over And Over Again screenings 1

After a few songs by other artists, Pandora from Capital FM came to kick off the event by welcoming us and explaining that Over And Over Again was a very personal song for Nathan which he wrote himself and poured emotion into word. To show how much emotion is put into this song, the man himself came into the room, and I confess, I whispered “he’s real”; he sat down on the seat which was about three  meters in front of me and began to sing! I wasn’t prepared to hear Nathan sing live and I don’t think anyone else was either, as we all sat in silence listening intently, no cheering, no clapping, just silence. We watched as Nathan poured his heart and soul into every word and, I’m pretty sure I saw his eyes glass over as though he was going to cry, but that could of just been my tears forming!

Next was the moment we had all been waiting for, to see the music video for Over And Over Again. It started off with… Nope, no spoilers for you, you’ll have to wait until Wednesday to see the video and to hear what happened directly after the video and to hear what Nathan talked about! We’ll be posting another article on Wednesday after the video has been posted. However if you can’t wait that long, Nathan posted a teaser for everyone yesterday!

After watching the video twice and feeling a wide range of emotions, it was time to meet Nathan. We went up in pairs, so I was with my friend who had agreed to come with me and, I’m very glad I was able to go up with her. I was shaking so, so much and I genuinely wasn’t aware how much I was shaking until I hugged Nathan and realised he was holding my hand, he held it so tight and asked if I was ok and kept hold of it for a while, I have a feeling that he thought I was going to faint! I told him that I had waited many years to meet him and he said that it was lovely to meet me and thanked me for supporting him for so long. Just a few words meant so much to me and he made you feel like you were the only person in the room which was amazing.  As we went to pose for our photo he made sure he held onto me tight and made sure I was ok again before I walked away. I walked away and I could feel tears building up and it took every strength I had not to cry. As we walked out of the room we got interviewed and asked what we thought of the video, I think I said something along the lines of wow. Because that is the only word to describe the music video!

Afterwards, we stood outside knowing that Nathan would be leaving soon and after a while he did, he walked straight towards the car smiling at us all and we all expected him to get in the car, which would of been ok, after all he had spent all day meeting us and making us feel special. But he didn’t, he put his bag in the car and came over, I was at the back so didn’t manage to meet him again but did get to feature in his snapchat video which was awesome!

It was such a lovely, unique experience that I feel so honoured to of been able to attend. So, thank you Nathan and everyone else who was there to make it special.

Written by CelebMix