Paramore Will Still Continue To Grow And Create

The breaking news of bassist Jeremy Davis’ departure from the trio may have devastated fans worldwide but rock band Paramore will still continue to play and keep moving forward.

It was only approximately two hours ago when a note was posted on the official Paramore Facebook page stating that Davis’ leaving has left a “painful” void for vocalist Hayley Williams and rock guitarist Taylor York.

These last few years have held some of the most fulfilling moments we’ve had yet… as people, as friends, and as a…

Posted by Paramore on Monday, 14 December 2015

But like a few other band member departures, many hardcore fans are keeping positive vibes around.

Paramore has and will continue to make great musical achievements. With a growing number of awards including a Grammy Award for Best Rock Song (Ain’t It Fun), the journey will continue and we hope fans out there don’t lose hope despite the loss.

They will always be known as a great band and will always be remembered in the far future (and now) for their rock filled dedication beginning in the 2000’s and for aiding and continuing the rock n’ roll revolution.

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Written by Dannii C.

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