WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 15: TV personality Paris Hilton attends her birthday party at Greystone Manor Supperclub on February 15, 2014 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)

Paris Hilton Is More Than Just a Pretty Face

It’s probably not something you’ve thought of often, but when it comes to Paris Hilton, she’s a bit of a genius. How else would she manage to have her foot in so many doors? Sure, she came from wealth, being the heiress of the Hilton Hotels chain and all, but she’s managed so much on her own that the girl deserves some credit. Whilst her platform has given her a helping hand that many people do not have, she is a brilliant entrepreneur, businesswoman, funny lady (whether intentional or not…), and yes, an all-round talent.

Getting Down to Business

Don’t laugh now, it’s true! Paris is a brilliant entrepreneurial success, and has pulled off everything from DJing to creating her own fashion line. Using the worlds she knows so well, she’s managed to use them to her own gain. Not everyone is so quick off the mark!

Having been firmly immersed in the lucrative world of Vegas throughout her career, it’s no wonder that she’s now adding this angle to her repertoire as well. It’s even the place where she ‘created’ Kim Kardashian, back when she was her assistant. Eeek! Paris now poses as THE brand ambassador for the casino brand, bgo. Vegas was of course her stomping ground, and so by working with the gaming site, she’s giving a little sparkle back to her fans (without forcing them to trek much further than their living rooms)! There are tons of online slots available; recreating the Vegas experience even in the most mundane of municipalities! If Vegas is the dream (as it often is…), bgo offers an entire section focused graphically on Vegas itself, whilst offering users a much more affordable experience (20 free spins certainly does the trick). Paris is no stranger to tapping into new markets, and yet this one is entirely on brand.

Other casinos offer a nod to celebs – Spin Genie has ‘Elvis The King Lives’, and Roxy Palace has some movie and TV themed games with Bridesmaids and Game of Thrones; but it seems that the King and even GOT isn’t always enough to cut it – whilst Paris isn’t just represented, she’s actually the one doing the representing!

Paris doesn’t just market herself for other brands, however. Oh no! She’s also nailed marketing herself for her own fashion line, another area she knows a lot about. 

Being A Star

She probably could have just modelled, but she wanted to push the boat out a little. She’s done TV in so many ways, and the fact that each new challenge has been so versatile owes her at least a little credit! The Simple Life saw her star alongside Nicole Ritchie in a series of funny sketches, and it also gave her a close bond with her co-star. They even dated the same twins from Good Charlotte – although thankfully, not the same one! Whilst Nicole is now married to Joel, Paris had a brief stint with Benji (who is of course now married to Cameron Diaz).

Paris’ venture into movies was also high on many people’s radars – a lot of people really, really wanted to “See Paris Die” in House Of Wax, a fact she played on in its promotion.

Paris is fascinating. She’s done more than most women her age, and all before the age of 35. Sure, it’s not all a bed of roses, but she is no stranger to making the best of what she’s been given – she got a lot, so she gives a lot!

Written by CelebMix