Peep Show the hit comedy of our generation

When it first started out in 2003 it was not that well known, nor did a lot of people think this comedy will go far. Still, it did. A lot of young people watching it can see themselves in both Mark and Jez as one side of you wants to get a job and start to climb the corporate ladder and the other side of you wants to stay at home and attempt to be creative and change the world.

Both characters bring something to the table and heavily rely on each other without knowing it. As Jez says in series 8: ‘I hate living with Mark but at the same time I don’t want it to end.’ This sudden realisation informs Jez of perhaps his biggest decision to date, sex with someone he loves or at least he thinks he does or his best friend.

Either way the last union of the El Dude brothers looks to be a funny exit. Robert Webb told us that it isn’t a happy ending but very fitting with the show.

Also Tim Key is going to guest star as Mark’s new flatmate and after bringing a lot of comedy to the Alan Partridge movie he has built up quite a large fan base.

However, what makes Peep Show a very different comedy from its counterparts is the inner monologues of Mark and Jez as their personal thoughts seem to be funnier than there public outbursts.

The show had to come to an end as the characters were getting so bleak if it carried on, it would have ended with a suicide.

The new and final series starts tonight at 10pm on channel 4.




Written by CelebMix