Does Pennywise Exist In The Stranger Things Universe?

The Duffer brothers are incredibly outspoken about the cultural inspirations for their hit Netflix show, Stranger Things and have scattered sci-fi and horror classic references all around season 2. There is a reference floating about the show that fans have now spotted which the Duffer brothers may have intentionally or non intentionally added to the show. Fans have pointed out that parts of the story parallel to the Stephen King horror novel, IT.

A new theory has suggested that Stranger Things and IT could possibly live in the same universe – with evidence heavily surrounding newcomer Bob Newby (Sean Astin). A Stranger Things Twitter account based on ST facts pointed out the similarities between Bob’s background and how it all connects to the timeline of IT.

When Bob is seen giving advice to Will about overcoming his fear of the new monster lurking around him, Bob delves deep into a childhood story about having nightmares about a clown called Mr Baldo. The clown repeatedly haunted him and would ask him “Do you want a balloon?”, the same question Pennywise asks Georgie in the movie IT, before dragging him to his death. Bob even impersonates the clown with a voice similar to Pennywise.

The Twitter account pointed out that Bob’s parents are from Maine, the fictional town of Derry, and that based on the timeline of Bob’s age, him being haunted by an evil clown would have happened in the 50’s, the same time Pennywise was due to make an appearance.

The IT easter eggs don’t end there, as Finn Wolfhard speaks the exact same line in the season 2 finale of Stranger Things as Mike, as he did in a scene of IT, as Richie.

Whilst a Stranger Things/IT crossover is highly unlikely… It’s exciting to be able to pick out the small nods here and there and the theories fans are coming up with are so incredible! We’re very excited to see what projects will inspire the Duffer Brothers in the third season, with a continuous amount of easter eggs.

Season 2 of Stranger Things is now available to watch on Netflix.

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