Peppermint Heaven release nostalgic single ‘1984’

Peppermint Heaven are back with their 80s inspired retro-pop on latest single ‘1984’. 

A nostalgic synth-led reflection back to 1984, the duo of Juno and Spark play with new vocal styles and funky guitar influences. “Take me back to 1984, when childhood dreams were at our door”, the duo coo as they yearn to be “young and innocent” again.

The latest release from a team whose sound has been branded as “a sparkling piece of indie pop” by Clash, ‘1984’ follows the New Moons EP, released earlier this year. And as Peppermint Heaven continue to curate their unique retro sound, music lovers young and old keep turning their heads.

Naming influences such as Soft Cell, Depeche Mode and The Pet Shop Boys, the relentless LA-based duo have been releasing albums every year since 2016. CelebMix brought you the premiere of ‘Real Religion‘ back in March and ‘Stars in the Sky‘ in 2018. A stunning standalone, single ‘1984’ could be a taste of more exciting releases to come.

‘1984’ is streaming now. Are you a fan of Peppermint Heaven’s retro vibe? Are you jamming to ‘1984’ this summer? Let us know @CelebMix on Twitter. 

Written by Toby Bryant

CelebMix writer and lover of all things pop music.

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