Perrie Edwards breaks down on stage

After her recent spilt with Ex One Direction star Zayn Malik, who had been rumoured to of broken up with the girl over text, Perrie Edwards sobs on stage during her 4 year celebration of Little Mix. The girl started crying during her solo of the band’s newest song ‘The End‘ and couldn’t even finish her solo, cutting herself off during the line ‘But love isn’t fair‘.

Perrie’s three band mates were quick to rush to her side and made sure she felt ok to continue. Jesy Nelson, 24, assured the fans that it had been a long day and they have had no sleep while the audience shouted about how much they loved the blonde.

Fans have showed nothing but support on social media and tweeting Perrie about how much they love her while some claim that it is all a stunt. Fake or not, nobody wants to see such a strong girl break down on stage during her songs. We hope that Perrie gets a good nights sleep and know that the rest of the Little Mix girls will be there to support her.


Written by CelebMix