Perrie Edwards Filmed Her First Make-Up Tutorial

Little Mix Girls always amaze us with their looks, hairstyles and make-up that are to-die-for. They each manage to look perfect and incredible by also managing to maintain their own personal and unique style.

After Leigh-Anne launching her very own fashion Blog, it’s time for Perrie Edwards to please us by posting her first-ever make-up tutorial on YouTube ! She announced on Little Mix Instagram’s that eventhought she was “terrible at applying products”, she was down to show the world her make-up skills and her routine. Thank You Pezz for listening to our prayers !

She first show all the products she use (she clearly looove MAC products, but who doesn’t ?) and then teach us step by step how to became Perrie Edwards.

She even wrote down every products in the YouTube description. Lovely. No to mention how stunning Perrie is without Make-Up.

Written by CelebMix