Perrie Edwards Is Comfortable In Her Own Skin And We’re So Proud To See It

Perrie Edwards has shown immense growth (as well as her amazing bandmates and best friends Jesy, Leigh-Anne & Jade) throughout the past years. Not only was she awarded Woman of the Year by Fabulous Magazine but achieved a new sense of self by standing strong against unknown online critics.

By unknown online critics, we mean those nasty negative individuals who have nothing better to do than write negatively about every single person they hate for no reason. It’s sad – but in the wise words of Lily Allen they probably “work in their parents’ basement”.

So, let us continue by saying that Mrs. Edwards is making strides this year with a new home and new found confidence. Her outfits have been on fire and she’s been showcasing that flawless skin of hers! Perrie Edwards Is Comfortable In Her Own Skin And We're So Proud To See It 1

What better way than to SILENCE all those anti-believers of “showing off your body”.  Just be you, be confident and well – FIERCE, which is exactly what Perrie Edwards has been doing as of late. Totally herself, totally fresh and not worrying about media negativity.

Because really, who has time to focus on ALL the unnecessary evil things people have to say? At the end of day, Perrie has her own things to worry about. So don’t you worry your little bum off – she isn’t going to read your despicable ugly comment.

She instead is going (and probably is already) celebrating with her best friends as they’ve just received their new platinum plaque courtesy of BPI for ‘Black Magic’! Perrie Edwards Is Comfortable In Her Own Skin And We're So Proud To See It 2

Now THAT’S what you call ultimate success folks! Keep on shining and achieving girls!

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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.