Perrie Edwards, the light of our hearts

Perrie Edwards, an inspiration, girl band member, beautiful and kind-hearted person, fashion icon, role model and much more. 2015 was a year of success for both Little Mix and Perrie as an individual person (she even became Fabulous Mag‘s woman of the year!).

However, everything has its ups and downs, just like the past year. Perrie had to deal with quite a major thing in her life, which happened to be a breakup with her now ex-fiancé Zayn Malik, a former One Direction member. Being the strong person she is and having the best friends and bandmates ever, we dare to say that she had managed the split up better than plenty of people would.

We’ve listed the most iconic things about Perrie everyone should appreciate below.

She’s a constant support

Perrie constantly supports the fans, just as she supports Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade, her bandmates. Just as she supports her family and friends.

Her smile makes our hearts warm

Isn’t Perrie’s laugh one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever witnessed? The fact that we barely see her face without that gorgeous smile or a different, really cute facial expression is a huge bonus! Perrie is happy, we are happy.

Her outfits are always on point

Whether she’s attending an awards how or just hanging out with friends, her outfits are always something that inspires us all.

She’s strong

As we’ve mentioned, Perrie and Zayn Malik called off their engagement in August 2015. Shortly after, the band had a promo performance for their album Get Weird in New York and Perrie broke down while performing a very emotional song called The End. Nevertheless, being the strong woman she is, she kept going and we really admire her for her strength.

She’s a huge support for the LGBT+ community


In July 2015, Perrie revealed that she used to get into fights for defending her gay friends. She said that going to an art school, people were more open-minded, but her gay friends often got offended on nights out.  All the girls of Little Mix are huge LGBT+ supporters.

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Written by CelebMix