Pewdiepie evicted from Brighton apartment

Despite being the most subscribed-to YouTube persona, it appears that he is not completely invincible. Felix Kjellberg a.k.a Pewdiepie took to the video-sharing platform on June 17th, posting a self-explanatory video called ‘I GOT KICKED OUT?!’.

In the video, Felix offers an explanation for the series of events that led to his eviction from the apartment he uses as an ‘office’ for filming videos. He was filming a video (as YouTubers do) in the living room, which, unlike his office, is not soundproof. Any fans of Pewdiepie will know how vocal he can be in his videos, however, the recording was taking place at respectable hours during the day, so wouldn’t have been causing a major disturbance. The cameras happened to be rolling at the time when someone (later identified to be the landlord) came knocking at the door, asking if they could ‘keep the noise down’. He then proceeded to use a homophobic slur towards Felix’s friend, before slamming the door in his face.

Felix later summarised the incident on Twitter as his landlord believing him and his friend were ‘having gay sex’ and was ‘evicted without previous notice’. He and his girlfriend Marzia have been requested to exit the premises by June 29th. Felix also went on to say he ‘was planning to fight against the situation, but honestly happy to just move far away from that guy’.

Regardless of the obvious frustration Felix must be feeling, he managed to keep light-hearted throughout the video. Fortunately, he has a new set up for filming already, which you can see a brief tour of at the end of the video.

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Written by CelebMix