Pharrell Williams Left Speechless Over Student Artist

Everyday, young talent is discovered over Youtube, social media, or in this case, at colleges. On March 5, 2016, Pharrell Williams hosted a masterclass for aspiring young musicians at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University. Not only was a passion for music radiating out of every individual student, one hopeful by the name of Maggie Rogers, clearly showed Pharrell that music has captured her heart.

In the recent viral video, Maggie says she grew up in a rural town, played the banjo, and made folk music. For a couple years she stopped making music and instead traveled abroad to France where she had “a very spiritual experience with dance music”. She just recently jumped back into the music world and now her goal is to make music that combines her folk roots and the energy of dance music.

After she told her short background story, she played a recording of one of her songs, “Alaska”, for Pharrell. According to her the song could use “a couple more hours of mixing and mastering”. We beg to differ.

The song opens with a mixture of strong and relaxing beats. When Maggie’s voice comes in after a couple of seconds, it’s like the world stops just to listen. Her soft and eclectic tone was enough to make Pharrell’s eyes widen in surprise. The rest of the song goes back and forth between hard hitting beats and angelic harmonies; the combination of both surely a recipe for perfection.

Throughout the record, Maggie is bobbing her head in her seat feeling the beat and even Pharrell can’t hold back the smile creeping up on his face. Every time the pair exchanged glances, Maggie couldn’t help but laugh at Pharrell’s state of shock, and Pharrell can’t help but smile at Maggie’s joy. The song is truly special and reeks of individuality.

The reaction to Maggie’s song was even more impeccable. Pharrell even said himself, “I have zero, zero, zero notes for that and I’ll tell you why. It’s because you are doing your own thing, it’s singular”.  I guess perfection does exist in the world. Pharrell continued to commend Maggie on her ability to seek out her individuality and be frank and honest with her music.


Pharrell also praised her ability to be a true singer/songwriter and that he has never heard anyone like her. “I’ve never heard anything that sounded like that.. and that’s a drug for me”, concluded Pharrell. Talk about a compliment! We don’t know how Maggie was able to keep a professional manner because getting no critiques and many compliments from one of the biggest names in music is huge deal.

Still don’t believe us? Check out Maggie’s interview and song for yourself below.

Many of Maggie’s songs are beginning to go viral and she even has lots of music up on her SoundCloud page. As seen on her Twitter (@maggierogers_) she has even been featured on radio stations. Her career is starting to take off and we can’t wait to watch her journey unfold.

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Written by CelebMix