Photo Gallery: Daughtry in Englewood, New Jersey

Between random chats about Chris Daughtry’s twins to thanking the crowd for all their support, Daughtry’s show at New Jersey’s Bergen Performing Arts Center felt like one big get together for the band and their fans. And that’s all because of one thing, passion.

Watching Daughtry perform, you can tell how excited each of the band members were to be up on that stage. Chris even received roses from a fan, and stepped down to thank the fan by the end of the end of the show! Yep! He didn’t forget about them. How cute is that?

(A clip of Chris receiving the roses can be seen below.)

So despite the cold weather outside, we’d like to think that everyone’s hearts were filled with warmth once they stepped in the Bergen Performing Arts Center and the show began. Because ours sure was.

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Check out our photos below: (Click photo for full image)

All photos by Melanie Gomez // Credit is required to post these photos/video.

Written by Melanie Gomez

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