Picasa – Simple & Beautiful

Picasa is an online photo-sharing tool that is provided by Google for free. Once downloaded, this program automatically locates pictures on the computer of a user and transfers them to Picasa. The program them gives users the liberty to edit, compile and organize photo albums and also share them online if they so wish. Also, a user can save pictures in an online storage space of 1 GB, and also print hard copies of photos. Additional features of this program include user-friendly capabilities to make movies and automated collages.

The 1 GB storage space provided by Picasa converts to a storage rage of up to 4,000 photos. This service is designed to be easy to use. By using Picasa, users can share digital pictures and web albums easily through email or other methods. Facial recognition and geotagging features were also included in this program. Google Picasa Download and install it to enjoy the various features.

Some cool tips for using Picasa

If you are involved in a lot of image viewing and editing, you should be able to efficiently make use of Picasa. It takes image editing and viewing to a whole new level and offers additional features apart from making it possible for you to view your pictures. Below are some tips and tricks on how to use this program.

Properly resize images for frames

If you do a lot of image resizing, this program can come in handy. There are some programs that don’t seem to get their right sizes, even if you specifically input the exact size you desire, the photo still seems too small or too big. Then you’re left with the task of cutting it down if it is too big, or having large gaps in the frame if it is too small. But by using Picasa, you will not encounter this issue. Whenever you resize a picture, it gets the exact measurement you want straight away.

Simply go to the picture then click on the print option. You’ll then see various sizes, the select the one you want. You also get the option of adding a border to the photo in the “Border and Text” options. Select the number of copies you want, and the program will put them all in one page, depending on the size.

Turn your pictures into a HTML Webpage

If you want to upload your pictures to a website but are unsure how to go about it or lack HTML skills, this tip will be very useful. Begin by selecting the picture you like to put on a web page by clicking the first one then making use of your right or left arrow keys to select the rest. Once selected, go to “Folder” then click on “Export As A HTML” then you’ll be asked some questions on the size you want exported or the method of export. Select the options you desire. After selecting your options, the program will make the page quickly open in your browser. If you’re satisfied by what you’re seeing, then save the page on your computer.

Send your pictures directly to Blogger

This will be very useful if you want to send your snaps to a blog. You can do this by double clicking on the desire picture and click on “Blog This” option at the bottom. A window to log into your blog will then open. Make use of your Google account after you’ve logged in, then you’ll get the chance to write text next to the photo and also resize the picture. When you’re done, click on “Publish Post” to end the process. Instantly, the picture will appear on your blog page.

Collage your picture and make it a desktop wallpaper

This tool is really cool to use. Select the picture you want by using your mouse then click on “Create” then “Picture collage” for your image to appear as one collage style. Once done, you’ll have the option of trying other styles. After the collage has been created, you can make them into your desktop wallpaper.

Convert your pictures to a movie slideshow with music

Picasa makes it possible for you to make a movie slideshow with music in the background. Simply place all the pictures you intend turning into a slideshow in a separate folder. Then once you launch the program, you’ll see options at the top of very folder. One of such options will be “Create Movie Presentation”. Ensure the pictures are in the right folder. You also have the option to add music. Go to the music file location and select it. Then select “Transition Style” underneath, and then press the “Play” button for your slideshow to begin.

Written by CelebMix