Pixar Writer Daniel Gerson Has Died

Daniel Gerson has passed away at 49 at his home this past Saturday.

A statement made by his family stated Gerson had been battling brain cancer for some time. No statement or tribute has been said/made by Disney and or Pixar.

Gerson rose to fame as a screenwriter for the Disney owned Pixar, spawning out hits like Monsters Inc, Big Hero 6 and Monsters University. Despite all being critically acclaimed and surely timeless classics, Big Hero 6 won an Oscar last year for best animated film. His films have grossed over 2 BILLION worldwide.

He too, has lent his voice to minor roles in both Monsters Inc and Big Hero 6. In Big Hero 6 he notable played a not so easily amused policeman.

You can make donations in Daniel’s memory HERE

To honor Gerson, here is a very fitting scene from Monsters Inc:

We’re not crying. We’re not crying.

Pixar has films The Good Dinosaur coming out on DVD this month and highly anticipated Finding Dory this summer to theatres.

Promotional pictures for the latter where released today:
Pixar Writer Daniel Gerson Has Died 1

Pixar Writer Daniel Gerson Has Died 2

Pixar Writer Daniel Gerson Has Died 3

Pixar Writer Daniel Gerson Has Died 4

Rest in peace Daniel Gerson, your memory will live on forever.

Written by CelebMix