Plus-Size Superhero Faith Herbert In Line For Her Own Movie

With female superhero’s absolutely killing it at the minute it is only right to hear that Sony are currently developing a movie adaptation of plus-size superhero, Faith Herbert, after signing a deal with the publisher back in 2015.

Faith Herbert, also known as Zephyr, found solace in the world of fantasy after losing her parents in a car crash. After being approached by the Harbinger Foundation, Faith thought she had found the secret to being a superhero, and with the help of another new recruitment, Peter Stanchek, he was given the ability to activate powers in others, giving Faith the ability to fly. Alongside being able to fly, Faith also develops abilities such as; telekinesis and psychokinesis.

The Faith movie will be scripted by American Gods writer, Maria Melnik and produced by Tony Jaffe (Original Film), Neil Moritz (Original Film) and Dan Mintz (DMG Entertainment).

In addition to Faith’s story, Sony also have many other movies lined up in their second superhero cinematic universe, all being spin-off movies to Spider-Man such as; Venom, Morbius, Silver & Black, Nightwatch and Silk.

The Marvel Universe itself is also doing great with the success of latest movies, ‘Black Panther’ and Infinity War’, so we can most certainly see the second Marvel universe being just as successful with the many incredible ideas they have at the moment!

Sony are also in the current process of casting the role of Faith and we are kind of leaning towards Rebel Wilson taking on the lead?

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Written by ShelbyAmess

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