Podcasts: Four Music Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Stuck in a music rut? Get out of it with these music podcasts you should be listening to! From podcasts introducing new music, to podcasts discussing current music, to fan-run podcasts dishing on your favorite artists, chances are there’s a podcast out there for you!

1. Switched On Pop

Switched On Pop is a hilariously real podcast about current pop music. It’s hosted by Nate Sload and Charlie Harding, a musicologist and songwriter, respectively. They address the most pressing questions, such as “does the falsetto in One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ essentially make them our modern day Castrati?” according to their website. If you’re looking to be wildly entertained and learn at the same time, this one is for you!

Find them on their website or on their Twitter.

2. Talk Direction

The only solely One Direction podcast, Talk Direction is hosted by two young women in college, Caitlin and Cara. They provide witty feminist banter about anything One Direction-related, including news, song discussions, and lots of fun games! This is the perfect podcast if you’re missing the boys while they’re on break, and you want some quality One Direction conversation weekly.

Find them on their website or on their Twitter.

3. The Noise Pop Podcast

This is the perfect podcast to find the next hottest indie tunes. Hosted by Adrian Spinelli, The Noise Pop Podcast features the latest in independent music, as well as interviews with artists, and other music-related segments. This is a great place to find new music you may not have found otherwise.

Find them on their website.

4. Swiftcast

Swiftcast is very similar to Talk Direction, but it’s all about Taylor Swift! The hosts, Stephanie, Ashley, Haley, Adam, Nate, and Ashley, are all very big Swifties. The podcast has a large emphasis on fans, with lots of giveaways and fun ways to get involved. Swiftcast is a fantastic way to get more involved in the Taylor Swift fandom!

Find them on their website or on their Twitter.

How to get these podcasts:

You can subscribe for free to all of the above podcasts on iTunes!

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Written by CelebMix