Pokémon Go Is Taking Over Everyone’s Lives!

Pokémon Go is a dream come true for every Pokémon fan, going out into the real world, catching Pokémon and going on an adventure. The thing is, the game is everyone’s new obsession, including ours!

If you haven’t played it, it is legitimately one of the most fun games you could play, allowing you to fully immerse yourself into the wonderful world of Pokémon while also getting some exercise! People have found all kinds of things that are most definitely not Pokémon, but some of our favourite YouTubers have been enjoying it, catching Pokémon left, right and centre!


The app has brought unity amongst a host of Internet personalities, from YouTubers to Viners, where their one goal is to “catch ’em all”. Documenting their adventures within the game, and describing the journey, in many different ways. The game has even brought together Viners with fans. Cameron Dallas posted photos on Twitter in which he is casually catching a Pokémon whilst on stage.

The new app has definitely made people go outside a lot. All over the world, there are hopeful Pokémon trainers walking around town hoping to get a glimpse of a new Pokémon they haven’t caught yet. It’s also made people exercise a lot more than they normally would, walking for hours on end, and ending up with sore bodies. There’s even this joke going around since the game was released!


The game has been largely successful, bringing people back to their childhoods, and perhaps being one of the most enjoyable and popular apps released to date. It plays on both the demand for Pokémon in real life, and the demand for the return of the 90’s, so it’s no wonder that it’s so wildly popular.

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Written by CelebMix