Porcelain Black Blesses Us By Teasing New Single “Hurt”

People, hold on to your wigs, Porcelain Black has come to snatch them once and for all!

Our beloved Detroit-native, which we have featured a couple of times before, has just delivered the goods. As if 2017 wasn’t already off to a great start, Porcelain Black just made it so much better by teasing some brand new music from her upcoming debut studio album.

The record itself is already highly anticipated enough but these just released 50 seconds of a track titled “Hurt” make the wait seem even more unbearable. Why, you might wonder? Well, let me explain:

Take Exhibit #1 for example: the Lyrics

Porcelain showcases her talent at songwriting once more (in case you forgot: she also co-wrote many of your faves’ songs). “Flew in on a Monday, f*cked you till Tuesday”, she starts the thing off with her usual straight-forwardness. It’s a hook to be honest. You just want to find out how the song goes on. The singer continues by pleading with her man in the chorus that she didn’t want to hurt him and delivers this as smoothly as ever. The snippet ends with her crooning “You know I don’t deserve you”. At the same time, she’s flirting with all of us that she knows what we like. To be honest, she does. We definitely like her music. And this new musical direction.

Or take Exhibit #2: the Beat

The whole song is based on a beat so sultry beat that even The Weeknd would be jealous. Porcelain’s voice fits perfectly with the smooth background track. The best thing is not just the beat itself but the drop at the end which will leave you breathless and wanting for more. It is sexy, it is vulnerable, and it is so refreshing.

At last take Exhibit #3: the Teaser Video

Yes, it is only a teaser. But, let’s be honest. Isn’t it fitting? It nails the essence of the song perfectly to its core and turns it into a capturing visual.

You can watch the teaser videos down below:




Look out for Porcelain Black this year. We will keep you posted.

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Written by Heiko

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