Porcelain Black Delivers Killer Debut Album “313” and Makes Our Day

As if this week isn’t already packed enough with exciting new releases, our beloved Detroit-native Porcelain Black decided that it would be a good idea to secure herself a spot in the midst of it all. In order to do so, she, just a couple of hours ago, surprisingly premiered her debut album. As in, her first full-length studio record. Ever. And we could not be any happier with the result.

The beauty is titled “313” (or Free One Free, as she jokingly tweeted just hours before the drop), referencing the area code where she grew up in Detroit. “313” is going to be released in two parts, as to create a cohesive sound. In advance, the singer told her fans that the first one is more rap-pop whereas the second batch will feature prominently dark-sounding songs.

Part One of Porcelain Black’s album contains three brand new tracks. They are titled “Cadillac”, “Quit Lyin”, and “Player Hater”, plus a reworked version of her classic ballad “Too Much Of Not Enough”.

“Player Hater” turned into an instant fan-favorite.

It’s pretty obvious why once you listen to it. The track oozes self-confidence and positivity. The singer has not sounded that certain, not only in herself but also in her own abilities, in a very long time and we are so here for that. Filled with self-assured lyrics, a steady and highly addictive bass line, and a chorus so top-notch that it elevates the singer into the grande league of the pop girls, “Player Hater” might just make it into a lot of people’s summer playlists.  The track is definitely the feel-good bop we have been longing for. Listen down below.


Up next is Porcelain’s personal favorite, “Cadillac”. On her Twitter account, she said that “it’s perfect for cruising on the weekends with your homies”. The track is very electronic, filled with a deep bass line that turns pretty catchy once the hook starts playing. Again, it’s all about self-confidence for the singer as she sings about going to the beach with her girls in her Cadillac and looking their best. “Cadillac” is also probably the most chilled song from the debut album and is definitely perfect for a relaxed weekend.

The last of the the new tracks is called “Quit Lyin”. The track is a down-tempo song that weaves its magic around you and won’t let you escape. It is hauntingly beautiful and very chilled while at the same time dealing with a serious topic.

Porcelain also included her cult-classic ballad “Too Much of Not Enough” in her first batch of new tracks. It is an emotional ballad like none else, demonstrating her abilities to not only deliver party bops but also lyrics with meaning skillfully. It would have been a true shame if she had not included this song as a part of her debut album.

Porcelain Black released all of these tracks independently and for free on YouTube. You can download them following the links that are included in the video descriptions. In return, the singer told her fans on Twitter that the only thing she asks is that they can donate the money they feel appropriate for her efforts on her PayPal account. She also said that part 2 of “313” is coming as soon as she has enough funds to produce the music videos she wants to make as an accompaniment for the songs “Hurt”, “Reload” and “Crazy”.

As for now, we are going to happily bop to her new first batch of tracks. Feel free to check them out on YouTube, too. We definitely did it and enjoyed it a lot.

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Written by Heiko

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