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PREMIERE | Ashley Wilson Releases Delicious ‘Once In A While’

San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Ashley Wilson premieres “Once In A While” on CelebMix. The song is from her new album, Paint The Sky, dropping today, March 1.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Wilson grew up singing and performing, but got sidetracked first by college, and later by working in tech marketing for startups in Silicon Valley. Yet even though the music bug was dormant, it was still there.

“I would always hear this little voice inside of me telling me to sing. It eventually got too big to ignore,” says Ashley

Heeding the voice, Wilson began performing again, singing with a jazz trio in San Francisco’s wealth of trendy jazz clubs. To enhance her intuitive abilities, she studied with renowned producer and jazz pianist Art Khu, who, like a wizard, worked his magic so well that Wilson soon had 18 original songs ready to be recorded.

Looking back at what she’s accomplished, Wilson wonders where she found the audacity to forsake a successful career, drop everything, and go chasing castles in the air. She did it by taking leaps of faith, despite the fact there was no net waiting to catch her.

Wilson’s music blends elements of Americana, jazz, and pop into a smooth, gorgeously creamy sound. It’s a sound that worms its way into your ear, latches on, and won’t let go.

“Once In A While” opens on a spry stand-up bass brimming with rumbling tones flowing into a sparkling jazz melody flavored with stylish hints of pop. A velvety piano and oozing organ infuse the tune with lively savors and optimistic colors. The buff rhythm rides the bass line and side-stick snare until the chorus kicks in and the snare assumes taut pops.

As cool as the music is, the highlight of the song is Wilson’s voice, smooth as silk, yet resonant and rich, full of lush tonal washes and chic inflected timbres. It’s a diva’s voice, tantalizing and quixotic, sprinkled with mischievous fizzes of effervescence.

“Once In A While” percolates with breezy sophisticated jazz flavors, delightful sparks of flamboyance, and the wonderfully expressive voice of Ashley Wilson.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.