PREMIERE | C’Marie Unveils Music Video for ‘Be Nice’

Pop/R&b singer-songwriter C’Marie premieres her new music video, “Be Nice,” on CelebMix. And if a new video isn’t enough, the songstress is about to join B2K’s reunion tour, aka The Millennium Tour.

Originally from Illinois but raised in California, C’Marie, aka Carly Marie Masten, started dancing when she was two-years-old, going on to win multiple national championships, and working with choreographers such as Dave Scott, Brian Friedman, and Cris Judd, along with performing on programs like Ellen, X Factor, and various Nickelodeon shows.

She added singing to her repertoire when she was 12-years-old, joining Ace Young’s girl group Code 5, who later were known as Paperdolzz and performed at national sporting events. Upon going solo, C’Marie’s career took off like one of Elon Musk’s rockets. She’s collaborated with Corey Mekell, Myles Parrish, and Ty Dolla $ign.

Hooking up with A1 Bentley, C’Marie laid down tracks for an EP, but the musical chemistry between the two was so compelling they elected to record an entire album, in only four days.

“Be Nice” opens on cool a low-slung, smooth R&B melody laced with pop flavors. The tight rhythm flows with sensuous pulses supporting the tropical aromas percolating through the harmonics. Cashmere shimmering colors backed by washes of elegant strings bathe the tune in soft layers of radiating hues, injecting depth and sonic dimension.

C’Marie’s voice, jam-packed with sumptuous stylish timbres, exotically alluring, discharges luxe savors of lingering magnetic charm, both enticing and lushly persuasive.

The video, directed by BenMarc, depicts quixotic visuals of a burgeoning relationship between C’Marie and her new boo. Full of stylish shots of the couple enjoying each other’s company, the mood and feel of the images is lusciously sophisticated.

The lyrics spell out C’Marie’s desire for simple romance.

“I’ve been through a lot / And I’m just looking for something a little different / Hold my hair out my face boy / Tell me things that I wanna’ hear / Say I’m pretty when I’m ugly / Keep my safe when I’m feeling tense / Haul out your Impala / Take me riding through the town / Don’t wanna’ do no talking / I just wanna’ look around.”

“Be Nice” dazzles with glossy charm, along with a sinuous rippling harmonic flow and the scrumptiously posh voice of C’Marie.

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Written by Randy

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