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Premiere | Domini Monroe Electrifies on ‘Love Me More’

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Domini Monroe introduces her new single, “Love Me More,” a song about casting off the chains binding your soul.

Domini explains, “I feel the definition of truly loving yourself more means to do what works best for your soul. It’s about putting your soul first no matter what. It means removing people, places, energies, mindsets, habits, and situations that darken your soul and dim out its light. When you put your soul first, you are unstoppable and you’re able to see clearly. You start to attract the things that work for you and your life. You start to attract things for your soul’s purpose and become aligned. When your soul is perfectly aligned it shines as bright as the brightest star and your light takes away the darkness that surrounds you. This makes you feel at peace and that everything feels right for you.”

Inspired by a mystical dream of wandering in darkness, followed by running in fear, in the dream, Domini takes advantage of a candle to illuminate a path out of the dark tunnel. The dream narrates the soul’s search for freedom. Once out of the tunnel, Domini’s soul evolves and expands to its intended nature and size, fulfilling its purpose.

Domini elected to release “Love Me More” during Pisces season. According to Domini, “The sign of Pisces is about the subconscious mind, creativity, and dreams. This song breaks the rules of commercial pop music standing out and that’s what makes its essence so special. It was born to stand out and it was created from my dream.”

As the Cre8trix, Domini constructs a singular reality, merging pop, New Age, and EDM elements, which she shares through the conduit of her music, allowing listeners to participate in the story.

“Love Me More” opens on percolating colors flowing into a sparkling pop-flavored melody riding a galloping rhythm, as Domini’s delectably provocative voice, laced by delicately exquisite tones, imbues the lyrics with numinous washes of color.

“I gotta kiss you goodbye / But I’ll always love you babe but I gotta love me more / I gotta love me more / I gotta say goodbye but I’ll cherish everything / It made me love me more it made me love me more / I love me more.”

When the harmonics ramp up on the chorus, the song takes on surging energy, while radiant vocal harmonies add multifaceted textures akin to a lustrous aura.

“Love Me More” goes beyond excellent and enters the realm of brilliant, displaying the songwriting talent and irresistible voice of Domini Monroe.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.