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PREMIERE | Fate Under Fire Releases Wickedly Yummy ‘La La Love’

Fate Under Fire releases “La La Love” today, and CelebMix has it first. Based in Sacramento, California, the band is led by David James, who started out as a drummer, but switched roles – playing guitar and singing – due to expediency.

“When I started playing in bands as a drummer, singers always fell through and the projects would always fall apart, so I became what I needed,” says James.

The band’s song, “On The Water,” won MTVu’s Freshman Five competition, and is now the theme song on CBS’s All In With Laila Ali. Two songs from their What Dreams Are Made Of EP were featured on Cougar Town, while another song, “Come Away,” was included in the film RoboRex. Toyota’s Happy Ad campaign also tapped the band’s music.

More importantly, despite the vast acclaim for their music, the band has retained their social conscience, having raised funds for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention and the Tyler Robinson Foundation (Imagine Dragons), which aids the families of childhood cancer patients.

“La La Love” opens with the smoldering glow of synths, followed by James’ luxuriant tenor. Lustrous background vocal harmonies infuse the tune with sweet, tender hues adding radiant harmonic dimension. When the melody ramps up, the tune takes on a dark sensuous alt-rock essence enhanced by the potently pulsing bassline and rocket-tight drums.

Lightly skiffing guitar colors balance out the deep rhythmic pulsation, giving the tune an opulent blushing discharge of sonic voluptuousness simmering with gleaming energy. James’ elegant, refined tones, wistful and passionate, secure the song’s delicious texture.

The lyrics tell a tale of love exploited by pitiless manipulation.

“She took all my time / She took everything / Everything that’s mine / She took my la la love.”

“La La love” is wickedly superb. A captivating melody, infectious rhythm, and the remarkable charm and urgent timbre of David James’ voice make “La La Love” delectably seductive.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.