Kyra Mastro

PREMIERE: Kyra Mastro – “Mr. Tomorrow”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Kyra Mastro has just dropped her latest single, “Mr. Tomorrow”, which CelebMix are premiering.

The song is a midtempo indie-pop track with strong influences from blues, jazz and soul, and it showcases a flawless vocal delivery from Kyra.

Lyrically, the song is about falling in love with a stranger, and wishing you could tell them how you feel.

Speaking of the song, Kyra said: “I don’t know about you, but I fall in love with strangers every day. I’m on the streetcar. I make eye contact with someone. I fall in love. Somehow I feel like they understand me, and I understand them. 

“I try formulating ideas and ways that I could possibly interact with them. Of course, all of them are ridiculous. When I finally gather the courage to say something, it’s their stop and they get off. This song is about being the girl who wanted to, but who never actually did anything about it. 

“I co-produced this track with my music partner, Jonathan Karkar. We are both story-tellers through music and are heavily influenced by theatre, so our songs tend to take you on an emotional journey through dynamic peaks and valleys to represent the human experience.”

Kyra Mastro

Kyra Mastro

Kyra has been songwriting for ten years, and is now finally making her own mark in the music industry.

Her music experiments with different styles such as R&B, jazz and pop, with an influence from her classical and musical theatre background.

Kyra’s music is also very story-telling driven, as demonstrated in “Mr. Tomorrow”.

We look forward to hearing more from her!

“Mr. Tomorrow” is released this Friday (19 July), and you can listen to it below:

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