Lindsey Compton

PREMIERE | Lindsey Compton Goes ‘Trippin’ In Music Video

Pop-rock siren Lindsey Compton premieres “Trippin’” on CelebMix.

“Trippin’” explores the glitzy night life of L.A., while depicting the flamboyance of glam rock, the allure of the Sunset Strip, and the indulgences of Hollywood.

According to Compton, “The writing and production are just as crazy as the song. It started with a 2 AM writing session with friend Marcus Battle (photographer) and a year later I sang the top line into my phone and sent it to James Allison (producer). I told him I wanted an empowering and powerful song about girls’ night out. Just like a crazy night out, the song took a two-year wild ride to find its way home.”

Often compared to Gwen Stefani, Compton emanates the powerful essence of her femininity into and through her music, melding potent electro-pop, vintage funk, country, and rock flavors together to form an edgy, visceral, and distinctive sound.

Inspired by Madonna, Jane Fonda, and Aretha Franklin, Compton turns it loose without inhibition or constraints. She is who she is, and who she is spans a vast catalog of authentic traits, such as sass and wit, fun and flirty, edgy and sexy, tempestuous, and bold.

As Compton says, “I’m going to do me and you’re going to pay attention.”

“Trippin’”opens on oozing synths and a muscular bass line accompanied by tight, crisp percussion flowing into a wickedly sumptuous, posh, and sensual electro-pop tune full of funky savors, both seductive and irresistible.

Compton’s voice, smoldering with riot grrrl timbres, exudes oozing femme fatale impetus, filling the lyrics with electrifying tumescence, as well as surging sorceress-like hues.

“See my ass / You can kiss it / You ain’t special / It ain’t your birthday.”

“Trippin’” is lit! Lindsey Compton has it going on in a big, big way. Her brash voice projects reckless dynamism and seething eroticism.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.